10 Essentials Every Girl Needs In Her Handbag

We don’t know about you but We LOVE handbags, it’s an amazing accessory to carry around with you and it holds all of the things you need in one bag! Now, we are definitely guilty of being someone who puts unnecessary things in our bags so if you’re the same then this article might help.

1. Mint/ Chewing Gum

This should be the most important essential in your bag, who wants smelly breath when you talk or meet someone? No one! So carry these around and just put one in your mouth and chew away!

2. Phone

Who leaves the house without a phone anyway? Phones are great, and so convenient as you can take pictures, check Instagram, call or message people and all that good stuff so next time you leave the house, just drop it in your bag instead of carrying it in your hand because you don’t want to drop it, do you?

3. Purse/ Card Holder

This is an obvious essential because who leaves the house with their purse? We would recommend having one purse for money and another card holder, this makes it much easier for when you want to find your money or card because you would know what is in what purse.

4. SOS Pouch

By SOS pouch, We mean emergency things like makeup, tissues, bobbles, bobby pins, pads or tampons etc. This will be super handy because girls, we have all been in a situation where we need this or need that and when the time comes, you won’t have to be embarrassed asking other people for it. Life saver We are telling you.

5. Portable Phone Charger

This is really an essential and it’s great for on the go at anytime. If you are on your phone 24/7 and your phone dies then yes, this is a MUST have!

6. Snack Bar

This is for all you munchies out there who are constantly nibbling on something, yes we are very guilty of that! Having a snack bar with you will be handy because- (a) You always have something to eat (b) You won’t starve if you get stranded.

7. Sunglasses

You should always have a pair of sunglasses in your handbag because it’s a great accessory, protects the sun from your eyes and hides those bags under your eyes after a late night and lack of sleep due to Netflix!

8. Face Wipes

Wipes can be very useful in so many ways so keep them in your bag and the next time there’s a spillage just pop them out or wipe your hands after you’ve touched something yucky. Also you can get mini ones so it won’t take much room in your handbag at all.

9. Headphones/ Earphones

This can be a good essential because they come handy if you are taking a solo ride as you can listen to music or books online.

10. Perfume

Who doesn’t love a girl or a guy that smells nice? So carry a small bottle of your favourite perfume with you so when you talk to people, not only will you smell great, you might get a few compliments or two on your perfume.

So, these are our essentials for our handbag and maybe they will be yours too.
But let us know what are your essentials to put in your handbag, because we would love to know.

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