8 Super Tips Every Bride Should Know For Her Big Day

Hifsa is a talented makeup artist who runs her salon by her own name, Hifsa Khan Salon. Here’s what she has to say about your big day:

I simply love working with brides. Their energy and enthusiasm is super engrossing. I do it so many times in a day over and over again but it stimulates me every time. I have written so many advice columns for the brides but some advice should also be given to the ghar waalaas around the bride. Does she get the much needed support? Are people willing to understand her point of view? Is she given enough room to work for her dream wedding? The answer most of the time is ‘no’.

It is not about what kind of a wedding was the done thing at your time. It is her day and she needs the best of everything that is done according to modern day practice! From the number of functions to the venues, arrangements, gifts, her dress, photographer and jewelry all need attention to detail. Let us provide you a piece here which every bride can show her family members so they know how to ensure complete happiness for this season’s winter brides.

1. The Jora- snap out of the ‘red’ mindset

Brides go hunting carefully for the right dress- from looking into all magazines, fashion shows to what their friends were wearing on their big days. The selection criteria is tough, considering how many options are now available from short to long shirts with farshi gararas and net lehangas. My advice is to let the bride visit many different designers and try various styles cuts and colours. Remember red is not for everyone. Selecting bright orange, melon pink or bronzy gold can sometimes work better. Do not pressurise your baby girl to go for red. If she is warm coloured then warm colours like red, auburn, orange will look great and if she has a cool-toned complexion, then selecting a pastel palette is a good idea. Try tones by placing colours near the bride’s face and see what reflects the best with her skin tone.

Economy vs Quality

2. Go to people who know the job.

When we try to get it done economically, sometimes it ends up costing even more.

3. Consult the makeup artist

Before ordering try consulting with your makeup artist. He or she can also advise you on the colour selection. The makeup artist will be playing with the colour palate and can tell what will suit the bride more.

4. Advice from opposite gender

Taking advice from sisters is good but from brother’s is even better. Sometimes, men are better judges of how the bride’s look should be. They don’t believe in heavy makeups and overdone joras. Keep her away from jealous friends!

5. The jewellery-Nose ring fiascos!

How many of you realise that wearing the wrong jewellery piece will will ruin the look entirely. If the bride wants to wear a nose ring or if you make her, then she needs a perfect design and a lot of practice. It is not magic- you cannot buy it for your wedding day and wear it without practice and then expect it to be completely perfect and comfortable. It rotates in your nose taking the lip colour along as it moves. By the time she is done with the photoshoot the lip colour is all over her face. And then who will fix it unless you are a Hifsa Khan Bride where we re-do your look after the shoot.

6. Face and neck matters

If the bride happens to have a long face then a longish tikka piece for the forehead is a definite wrong choice. Help her select a round one and vice versa. Same goes for earrings- the selection should be made according to shape of face. I was advising a bride who was selecting a guluband when she was not tall and her neck was short. Another bride wanted to wear three sets when her shirt was also full of work. Another wanted to look traditional but had selected very modern jewellery which cannot give her the look she envisioned for herself.

7. Photography dilemmas

I sometimes wish that the photo shoots could be done on a different day from the wedding day. The poor bride is already stressed out and this just adds up to her load of stress. Well we cannot do much about this so let us see what can be done to make it easier. The bride must select a friendly photographer and definitely not the one who is doing multiple shoots on the same day. He will just rush it up. The bride needs someone who is willing to give time and his/her best effort to come up with your best looks. Go with your girl to meet different photographers and then give her good advice as to whoever seems most amiable to you.

8. If you can’t relax fake it!

On the big day, the bride is very nervous. Be considerate and understand this. She is not sure what is coming her way. She does not know if she will look pretty or not. She has a million things going on in her mind. Salons in this day and age are not well developed and she may not get what she is looking for. The makeup artist ideally should have a demo makeup done before the actual date, like it is done internationally. Bridal preparation requires hard work and attention to detail. Be well prepared and be relaxed around the bride. If you get anxious, she will get even more nervous.

Hifsa Khan is a renowned makeup artist and is always available for consulation about makeup, dress, jewellery etc.

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