Add Coconut Water to Your Beauty Regime

The health benefits of coconut water are plenty! Safe, healthy and natural; this natural drink has very little sugar and is full of antioxidants that will boost the supply of electrolytes in your body and keep you hydrated. This wonder drink has many benefits for skin and hair, too.

·         Controls ageing

Coconut water helps in controlling the signs of ageing. It contains lauric acid and cytokines which help in balancing the growth of cells and their regulation.

·         Moisturizes skin

The consistency of this drink and properties, such as Vitamin C and potassium, help in providing coverage and protection to the body. Coconut water can be applied all over the skin and air dried for a few minutes. Doing this daily would show great results.

·         Protects from sun tan

Mix fullers earth or multani mitti with a few drops of coconut water, apply on the face at least three times a week to see quick changes. It will leave the skin soft, radiant and smooth. This face pack is completely natural and doesn’t contain any chemicals, or leave you with side effects.

·         Reduces acne

The antioxidant-rich coconut water can help fight free radicals and prevent acne. You could also wet some cotton with coconut water and dab all over the areas that have been affected. Let it stay overnight. Wash off with cold water the next morning.

·         Fights frizzy hair

Coconut water is not just idyllic for your skin but also your hair. Massage your hair using coconut water thrice a week, and it will make your hair soft, smooth and silky, as it contains excellent moisturizing properties which fight with unruly hair the natural way and promote strength, radiance and shine.

·         Reduces dark circles

Coconut water can also help in fighting dark circles. Simply mix coconut water with cucumber juice and dab it around eyes using cotton. Use this beauty tip daily to see a quick reduction in your under eye dark circles.

·         Conditions hair naturally

Another wonderful thing about coconut water is its ability to condition locks of hair. Mix cocoa butter and coconut water together, and let it stay overnight. Apply it all over your hair and scalp after shampooing and wash it off with cold water after 20 minutes, you are bound to see good results.

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