Amna s Cutting Edge Highlights 5 Tips For Autumn Season Brides

As a service provider Amna’s Cutting Edge is catering to the needs and wish list of the brides. Their main aim is to tell brides how special they are and to make sure they look and feel beautiful on their wedding day. We at Brides & You asked them for 5 Tips that the brides-to-be should follow this season.

    1. Hydrate your Body: All you lovely Brides to be don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. The human body is 70% water. While you are all busy with the wedding preparations do not forget to have at least 12 glasses of water each day.
    2. Hydrate your Skin: Whether you use La Mer or Ponds, you must remember to keep your skin moisturised. Follow a simple cleansing regime at home. Clean your skin and moisturize twice a day , along with scrubbing on alternative days usually at night time.
    3. Hair Matters: Oil your hair regularly and avoid excessive styling as it really damages it. Do not be too experimental right before your big day. If you have dyed your hair stick to that shade and avoid a new look as it is not the best time to do so.  Make Use a shampoo and mask/conditioner so keep the healthy.
    4. You are what you Eat: Include a lot of fruits in your daily diet. Eat healthy and try to exercise for at least an hour each day. Exercise is important to not only maintain your body but also for a naturally glowing skin.
    5. Bridal Trends: This autumn, bridal hairdo should not be as messy and elaborate as they have been since the past year. We at Amna’s Cutting Edge are focusing on neat hairdos, giving emphasis to the face. The foundation should be more dewy and natural along with more elaborate eyes. Ensure that your make-up is more natural and not too overdone.
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