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Hum Style Awards 2020 If anyone can do it, it’s HUM!


The annual Hum Style Awards were held last Saturday in Karachi, bringing the largest array of celebrities together. 18 awards were handed out in the fields of entertainment, fashion, sports, music and TV. This year there was a timeless beauty award and an award for excellence in interior and furniture design as well.

HUM is maintaining its well deserved reputation of transparency in awards winners’ selections for the fourth year now. Apart from those present, multitudes of interested fans over the world, tuned into the digital media to watch the sizzling style statements made by the celebrities on the red carpet and the thrilling performances during the night. Many a super celebrity and socialite dressed to kill, graced the red carpet for photographs and comments as the massive media gathered at the event, covered them for their respective platforms. The red carpet was beautifully designed by House of Zunn, where one and all bedazzled the camera lenses for the perfect photo to mark a night full of excitement and festivity. Here are some of the looks that we liked.

The hosts for the show were Adnan Siddiqui, Aamina Sheikh and Usman Mukhtar who kept the audience’s interest alive through the event even though the script can certainly do with some improvement to make it more engaging and fast-paced.

Shazi and Ghani did a marvellous job at choreographing the dances. Young Stunners, Ahsan Khan and Sara Loren, Zara Noor Abbas, Urwa and Farhan energized the hall as it buzzed with an electric vibe during these performances.


And then there was Abrar ul Haq, our favourite of the evening. Gotta love the Pakistani numbers of all these performances and gotta love the audience that loves all things home made!

Stylists Mehek Saeed and Amal F Qadri were the official stylists this year, making us turn our heads, looking at the stunning participants with appreciation. The powerhouse of style- Nabila’s was the official hair & makeup partner, without whose touches of perfection, things might fall apart. Dino Ali, always delivers on his role impeccably, as the digital host for the event along with Hira Tareen. The PR of the event was handled flawlessly by the ever vigilant and hard working Tehmina Khaled of Take II PR.

Here’s our list of some of the best dressed at the evening:

Reema, Sajjal Aly, Zara Noor Abbas wearing Asim Jofa, Imran Ashraf, Ali Rahman wearing Nomi Ansari and Adnan Siddiqui.

HUM Network must be commended for handling such a large scale event that brings us some well deserved awards in order to appreciate the tireless efforts and work of the people working in all these fields. They look forward to HSA each year in anticipation and it further pushes them to constantly improve their work. The event brings together for this evening a beautiful image of our country encouraging healthy competition and providing superb entertainment. We wish that they continue with this wonderful venture with even more improvements incorporated into it, ironing out the very few wrinkles making it simply flawless, hence truly HUM!

Here’s a list of who won what:

Most Stylish Film Actor Male: Ahad Raza Mir

Most Stylist Film Actor Female: Mahira Khan

Most Stylish Film Actor Female (Jury): Kiran Malik:

Most Stylish Television Actor Male: Mikaal Zulfiqar

Most Stylish Television Actor Female: Sonya Hussain

Designer of the year (Bridal): Shehla Chatoor

Style Icon of the year: Ayesha Omar

Retail Label of the year (Apparel): Chapter 2 by Khaadi

Most Stylish Sports Personality: Hajra Khan

Designer of the year (Menswear): Ismail Farid

Designer of the year (Demi-couture): Zaheer Abbas

Designer of the year (Pret): Sublime by Sara Shahid

Excellence in the field of Interior Design and Furniture Manufacturing: House of Zunn

Timeless Beauty: Reema Khan

Most Stylish Performer: Asim Azhar

Best Model Female: Zara Abid

Best Model Male: Aimal Khan

Designer of the year (Lawn): Zara Shahjahan

Fashion Photographer of the year: Alee Hassan

Hair and Makeup Artist of the year: Qasim Liaqat

Rising Star 2018-2019: Hamza Khan Bandee and Mushk Kaleem

Awards Winners:

Red carpet:




Entertainment Food

The Rice Bowl Redefined!


Food is one of the things in our lives that brings us immense pleasure, well at least when done properly. It is such an important part of our lives that we constantly strive to achieve perfection in it. Providing a good dining experience is a delicate, almost elusive art, which often escapes most. Everything has to come together beautifully: the aroma that encapsulates all senses, the deliciousness of the taste, the packaging and presentation, the ambiance and mood and most importantly how the experience makes you feel.

I am sure you all remember Anton Ego, the sourpuss food critic from Ratatouille. Whenever I am writing a food review, I feel the same grouchiness resulting from a lackluster dining experience. The only time Ego is actually pleased is when after tasting a dish he is transported to his childhood memories. And that is precisely what I need a restaurant and its food to give me. I want to be transported to a happy place full of delights that makes my taste buds dance to ethereal music, taking me to the moon- by now you must have realized that I have a very serious relationship with food and hence you need to take all my following words even more seriously!

Make yourself at home!

Lahori winters see the foodies go crazy about outdoor sitting areas. We love to hang out with our friends and family for dining out while being surrounded by heaters from all sides that keep us cozy at night. The Rice Bowl (RB), located on Main Boulevard offers both indoors and outdoors sitting areas. The décor is simple with seating which is comfortable- not too big, so as to almost make you feel like part of the same family and yet spread out out enough to give you your own space!

What you really wanna know- the food and taste:

The menu is Chinese and Thai and you can check out the entire menu here without me having to say more about it.

But that doesn’t mean I will stop here because there a few things which you will not find on the menu: first being how absolutely delicious and fresh tasting each of the items were. The chef gets busy only after you have placed your order. Earlier on, in the days of infancy, RB used to take ages for the food to be served but that is not the case now, which is a welcome change. What we especially like is the spice level of each dish mentioned on the menu.


Sushi lover’s paradise:

RB has only recently launched Sushi! And oh boy, that was some really delectable sushi we had last night! RB has brought in a chef who has had a long experience of working for a famous five star chain in the past.

I have tried it everywhere, locally as well as internationally, and RB’s Sushi meets every high quality standard and expectation. The Norwegian Salmon Nigiri, the Crunchy Maki rolls and the California rolls are all an absolute delight. The only thing we missed was the crabstick., hopefully soon to be added.

Divine Chocolate Cake:

No that is not what they call it but it surely is divine!

It is also recent on RB’s menu and the perfect way to finish off a hearty meal. I mean, does life have any meaning whatsoever at all, without meetha? We can report that this cake at RB is a hot seller and sometimes we get too late and it has all run out. Sigh! And when the staff says, “Finished madam,” you can almost hear my wretched, deep, lengthy, mournful cry which resonates all around in slow motion! “Noooooooooo”, as dark clouds immediately begin to form overhead, everything turns gloomy, babies start to wail and wolves begin to howl while it seems the whole world will be swallowed by a pit less dark hole.

Ahem! Well dessert is a serious business right!

A smile can win any heart!

The staff is friendly and helpful with plenty of smiles going around all the time- a truly rare commodity and fast heading towards complete extinction in our part of the world. You will be pleasantly surprised.

How much will your wallet suffer:

The prices are mid-range for a quality which is better than most top level five-star dining experiences. This is perhaps why I often see large hoards of youngsters swarming at RB excitedly.

Some families that I know of, make it a routine to visit once a week at least. And many offices have their food delivered regularly for lunch.

Enough rambling, now onto ratings (out of 5):

Location: 5 stars
Variety of food: 4.5 stars
Taste: 5 stars
Presentation: 4.5 stars
Ambiance: 4 stars
Décor: 2.5 stars
Cleanliness: 3.5 stars
Service Speed: 5 stars
Staff mannerism: 5 stars
Value for money: 5 stars (or more if we could help it!)

Our recommendations prioritized on basis of taste:

  1. Sushi
  2. Prawn Tempura
  3. Beef in Oyster Sauce
  4. Crispy Chicken with Sweet & Sour Chilli Sauce
  5. The Chocolate Cake

What it all boils down to:

So, it would be safe to say that The Rice Bowl has almost perfected the art of providing you with an experience that will bring you immense pleasure. They have one restaurant in Johar Town and they can be found in the food court at Packages Mall as well. Hope you will enjoy it as much as we did! And if not, make sure to fill out their comment card, because RB takes all complaints and suggestions very seriously. Don’t take our word for it, try it out!




Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy wins The Eliasson Global Leadership Prize of The Tällberg Foundation



Two-time Academy Award winning film-maker, journalist and activist Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy has won the prestigious 2018 Eliasson Global Leadership Prize in recognition of her extraordinary leadership and work that is courageous, optimistic dynamic, rooted in universal values and fundamentally global in reach, conception and impact, as announced by The Tällberg Foundation in New York today. Indeed, Chinoy is the first Pakistani to win the prestigious award. 

“I am honored to receive the Eliasson Global Leadership Prize at a time when holding up a mirror to society comes with a heavy price. With colleagues being jailed and killed around the world for simply speaking the truth, we need to have the courage to persevere. I remain committed to telling difficult stories in the hope that the conversations they spark will change the way we all see the world.” said Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy on winning the Eliasson Global Leadership Prize. 

“These leaders, working in very different contexts, share a common commitment: to make the world less what it is and at least a little more like what it should be,” said Alan Stoga, Tällberg Foundation chairman. “Taken together, we view this as an incredibly positive and powerful statement about the kinds of leadership we need in the world today,” he continued. 

Winners of the Eliasson Global Leadership Prize, originated in 2005 and given in its current form since 2014, are nominated at large through an open, online process and are ultimately selected by a jury of people who themselves are accomplished leaders from a range of countries and disciplines. The Eliasson prizes are supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).


Dettol collaborates with Waadi Animations and Academy Award-winning Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy (SOC) Films for 3 Bahadur 3 – Rise of the Warriors


Dettol, the household name for health and hygiene, collaborates with  Waadi Animations, as the lead sponsor for Pakistan’s first animated full-length super hero film franchise ‘3 Bahadur’ in its third, last and latest edition: ‘3 Bahadur 3 – Rise of the Warriors’.


Humayun Farooq, Director Marketing – Health, Reckitt Benckiser (RB), stated, “Through its existing Dettol school program, Dettol reaches out to millions of school-going children across Pakistan every year creating awareness around personal hygiene and protection against germs. This collaboration is an extension of our bigger aim of spreading the message of health and hygiene across the country. We are extremely delighted with Dettol’s association with the 3 Bahadur series and will be considering announcing bigger engagement campaigns for children, around this, very soon.”


Academy Award winning Director, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, is the pioneer for animated movies with local narratives in Pakistan. The ‘3 Bahadur’ series focuses on three children, from Roshan Basti, who rise to save their community, from the evils that plague it. It builds on the idea that children are superheroes, each with a unique capability, through which they can have a positive impact on the society.


Talking about this movie, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, said, “We are excited to share the last of the 3 Bahadur trilogy with Pakistan. We have created special effects for this film, which will delight children. We are also introducing two strong female lead characters – Erma & Babushka and look forward to sharing their new world with our audiences.”


The Donkey King’s New Song Released – Allah Meherbaan


Geo Films & Talisman Animation Studios have officially released the new
song “Allah Meherbaan” of their animated movie “The Donkey King” on October 15 th , 2018.
A film by Aziz Jindani, the architect of the success of Pakistan’s first and most popular animated super
hero series for a leading antibacterial soap brand, The Donkey King has proven to be a fun-filled watch
for all ages, with its upbeat songs and catchy dialogues. The new song “Allah Meherbaan To Gadha
Pehalwan” has all the ingredients that make up a melodious political satire.
The lyrics are penned by the multi-talented Aziz Jindani and the musical genius Asrar, who is also the
singer of this merry number. The music is by Shani Arshad, who has crafted music for and with some of
the biggest musical acts of this country. The mood is set for a Qawalli, with the singer’s words depicted
as the nation’s voice; this song is set in a public area where the inhabitants of Azad Nagar are singing of
their misfortune. Great thing about this song is that it takes the topic of water shortage, electricity
breakdown and economical unrest in consideration without losing its humorous element. They hit the
right notes talking about the lack of “Roti, Kapra and Makaan”. Allah Meherbaan very smartly sums up
the entire political situation of Pakistan in 3 minutes.


A solo show – Élan’s carving out its own path


Élan unveiled the brand’s latest bridal collection called ‘Champs de Patchouli’- a title thought out with a lot of warmth, reminiscent of childhood memories of the brand’s designer Khadija Shah. “Champs de Patchouli, loosely translating into Patchouli Fields, invokes in me the memories of winter in my childhood; the aristocratic smell of Patchouli between my Grandmother’s freshly unpacked Indian shawls, distinctive yet soothing,” recalls Khadijah Shah. The solo show held in Lahore, established Élan as truly the biggest player in the market, possessing the capacity to launch a collection in an independent, stand-alone presentation of an incomparable magnitude.

The inevitability of the comparison of Khadija Shah’s first attempt at a solo show last year with her second solo presentation held on October 17, in Lahore, should be a given for a label as big as Élan. There is good and bad both- the list could go on endlessly. But let’s just keep it a touch and go, so we can concentrate on the current and now! Even though, there were many hiccups in the show last year, such as the delays, the uneven walking ground, the mosquitoes, the smoke which sent many a gorgeously dressed famous socialite coughing uncomfortably, it had so many saving graces- the wonderful seating arrangement, the beautiful breathtaking collection, the amazing live music and of course the grand residence of the designer herself as the venue for the show to name just a few. Hence the first thing noticeable at this year’s show was the considerable lowering of the ‘scale’. Élan, an illustrious brand that today one easily associates with grandeur and everything larger than life, perhaps failed to impress the selected group of audience with the choice of venue and arrangement. Or perhaps that is a feeling that has emerged out of having built our expectations a little too high, with the audience expecting something bigger and better than even last year. The place seemed cramped; the show was meant to be watched as a standing audience which most of the attendees did not seem to be very comfortable with.

Champs de Patchouli included ensembles typical of the regal and extravagant bridal wear associated with Élan. Heavily embellished and intricately designed, they caught the attention of all who were present for the sheer luxurious feel which the brand has always delved in. The colours were predominantly pastels for both menswear and bridal outfits with one lehnga in maroon but again paired with a peach shirt accented with hints of black and gold. The collection will certainly provide all the brides to be, for the upcoming season some spectacular bridal designs. The menswear designs were essentially neat with cuts which looked smart and royal- just perfect for the groom!

Mehreen Syed walked out last of all dressed to be the highlight of the evening. The flower motifs provided delicate shimmering beauty combined with a soft colour palette that could steal all hearts but unfortunately, the dress style which was designed in layers, did not win any accolades of praise, for it gave far too much volume to the delicate figure of Mehreen, as she walk awkwardly on the ramp where other models who looked like celestial beauties dressed in Élan, stood gracefully before her. Nonetheless, the evening’s show culminated in heartfelt applause, with the audience acknowledging the brand’s potential to enthrall and appreciating Khadija Shah’s penchant for spectacular designing which is a complete visual and sensual treat!

It was definitely a great idea to hold the show right after the PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Fashion Week and many who were here from Karachi were saved the extra trip back to Lahore. But why can’t Khadija Shah be content to be a part of the fashion weeks that every other designer in happy to participate in? The answer to that question becomes clear after attending the starlit, glitzy night of Champs de Patchouli’s unveiling. It is not just a show that Élan means to put up for you, it is so much more. It is almost as if a family has been brought under one roof to be pampered with good music, delectable hors d’oeuvres, great food, lively conversation, cheerful mingling and when you are in high spirits, well there’s your bridal collection showcased for you. A carefully selected few get to preview the collection exclusively and they include the major players of the famous families such as the Manshas, the Kasuris, the Taseers, the Saigols and more. Famous designers including Kamiar Rokni, HSY, Faraz Mannan and Ali Xeeshan turned up to show support.

Fawad Afzal Khan with his wife Sadaf walked in to catch every eye, sending a wave of excitement through all who were present. The red carpet allowed for media personnel to grab many a picture and video of celebrities dressed to kill, for their social pages, blogs etc. Careem had collaborated with Élan for the night to provide free rides to and back from the venue for anyone who wanted to use the service. The management was by Z and S Events who did a superb job. The best part was that waiting for the show to start wasn’t a never ending task- it began timely and ended at a civilized hour for those of us who had to be at work at 9 am the next morning. The PR was carried out seamlessly by Shireen Rehman and Osman ur Rehman.

On the whole, the show turned out to be a roaring success. If Élan continues on this path, they are surely to produce better and better shows each year and we hope to see greater feats accomplished by them pretty soon!

Entertainment Movies

Rangreza s Poster attracts attention worldwide


Strongly moving towards its release at the end of this year, the highly anticipated movie Rangreza released its aesthetically powerful poster. The poster shows the main cast of the movie, Bilal Ashraf, Urwa Hocane and Gohar Rasheed as depicted in their roles. Following Janaan’s widest release for a Pakistani film internationally, Rangreza is now set to break a new record number of countries as part of its worldwide distribution strategy, establishing a whole new benchmark for Pakistani cinema on a global platform.
Making it one of the most expensive Pakistani film productions to date, Rangreza is a musical romance directed by Aamir Mohiuddin, featuring Gohar Rasheed, Bilal Ashraf, Urwa Hocane and Saleem Miraj in the principal cast. Musical legend, Abida Parveen, features prominently on the sound tracks, composed by the film’s writer, Akhtar Qayyum. The film is presented by Vision Art Films, Usman Malkani Films, Distribution Club (PVT) Ltd, Munir Hussain Films UK and Pepe’s Piri Piri and will be distributed worldwide by B4U Motion Pictures. Munir Hussain, Head of Munir Hussain Film UK says, “I’m very excited to bring another highly anticipated film, which will showcase the growing strength of Pakistani cinema. We have some creative plans in place for the release and we are grateful to Mr. Sunil Shah and B4U for their excellent support and guidance.” Aamir Mohiuddin, director of the movie says, “Rangreza is a movie that will touch millions of hearts. The entire team has put in their best and this will be another significant milestone for the Pakistani cinema.” Sunil Shah, Head of Film Division, B4U Motion Pictures say, “ We are delighted to be further commenting our great partnership with Munir Hussain Films UK with the release of Rangreza, following unprecedented success of our previous outing together, Janaan.

Munir Hussain has such a pioneering and passionate vision for Pakistani cinema on a global platform and we are honoured to be jointly taking Pakistani cinema to another level with Rangreza, across a record number of international territories.”