Injila Baqir Zeeshan

Injila Baqir Zeeshan, with more than two decades of journalistic experience has been at the helm of running the magazine since its launch. She has worked at the national dailies, The Nation, Pakistan Today and Daily Times. Her writings have been regularly published since 1992 in ‘The News’, ‘The Nation’, ‘The Daily Times’, ‘Pakistan Today’, ‘Pique’ Magazine, ‘Herald’, ‘Eastern Eye’ UK, ‘Me & My Wedding’ Magazine, ‘She’ Magazine, ‘Movie’ Magazine and more. She was heading the magazine section of ‘Pakistan Today’, launching and producing their weekly Sunday magazine, ‘The Lounge’. She was the first one to ever produce a daily page on lifestyle for a Pakistani newspaper at ‘The Daily Times’. She has a Masters degree in English Literature from Punjab University and Creative Writing from Exeter College, Oxford, UK. She has studied Photography at National College of Arts in Lahore and UAE and Event Management at LUMS, Lahore.