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Judwaa 2


Judwaa 2 is a comedy-action movie directed by David Dhawan which is a reboot of the movie Judwaa, the film stars Varun Dhawan playing twins Raja and Prem opposite Taapsee Pannu and Jacqueline Fernandez. It is produced by Nadiadwala & Grandson Entertainment, Judwaa 2 was released last Friday.

Prem and Raja are twin siblings who get separated at birth however are exceptionally associated with each other by means of their reflexes. They rejoin as grown-ups and set out to bring down the underground smuggling world. They are isolated at birth by a smuggler, Charles who kidnaps Raja. The nerd Prem experiences childhood in all luxurious environment in London with his parents, the Malhotras; energetic Raja discovers his home in a fisherman’s area. Obviously, when the twins’ ways cross, there’s an excess of fun.

David Dhawan has made so many comedy movies with a lot of success. Here, he gives you a rebooted adaptation of his 1997 comic-trick of a similar name. The prior one had Salman Khan and now this one has Varun Dhawan his own son. It helps that the leading hero has an enormous fan following. Also, he is seen by those enlightened into Hindi standard film as a mix of Govinda and Salman, both of whom dragged away their tacky nature with an explicit spark. Varun doesn’t let you down either. Regardless of whether he is playing a nerd or a gangster, he is completely charming and conveys exactly what his dad orders him to.

The script of this movie is a mix of similar jokes acquired from Manmohan Desai films. The sidekick stammers, the hero repeats lines from different masala films, the villain gets blankness when hit by a coconut, a football butt enables his memory to return, and so on. It’s essentially innocent fun intended to pander the child in you. Lame songs, noisy jokes and young beautiful ladies never truly hurt anybody. Trust me, at a certain point, you’re enticed to join Varun when he is doing those impeccable pelvic pushes. Salman Khan also comes at the end with his cameo role.

Judwaa 2 managed exceptionally well on its day 1 gathering 16.10 crores. There was no looking back for the film from the starting point. It got 20.55 crores and 22.60 crores on Saturday and Sunday taking the aggregate of first end of the week to 59.25 crores. It gathered 18 crores on this Monday, proving a sublime trend in the cinematic world. The movie now stands high with the excellent aggregate of 92.02 crores.

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Bashir Ahmad joins Leisure Club’s ‘Made of Pakistan’


The God Father of Pakistani Mixed Martial Arts (PAKMMA) ‘Bashir Ahmad’  joined hands with Pakistan’s pioneering western wear brand Leisure Club to become one of the latest endorsers of the brand’s prestigious ‘Made of Pakistan’ platform.  The ‘Made of Pakistan’ platform aims to celebrate everything and anything that is unique about Pakistan. From the country’s picturesque landscapes, historical landmarks, blooming entertainment industry to the daring sons and daughters of the soil, the platform pays homage to the pride of the nation. With #BashirxLeisureClub, Bashir will be seen as part of the brand’s latest campaign nationwide.

Bashir Ahmad is widely known as the “Godfather of Pakistani  MMA.” Born in Pakistan, he left for the United States as a child. He served in the United States Army and did a tour of Iraq in 2004-2005 where he began studying martial arts. In 2009 he moved to Pakistan to promote the sport of Mixed Martial Arts through his organization (PAKMMA). Bashir Ahmad is the first person to represent Pakistan in international MMA competition when he made his debut at the largest MMA league in Asia, ONE Championship in April 2013, defeating the heavily favored Shannon “One Shin” Wriratchai. Bashir’s success has inspired and mentored other fighters to follow in his footsteps becoming stars in their own right, and a signal that MMA in Pakistan is here and it is for real.


Made of Pakistan is a platform (spearheaded by Pakistan’s pioneering western wear brand Leisure Club) that hopes to educate, inspire and bring awareness to all that is good in Pakistan by featuring on-going projects that create social impact in Pakistan, as well as market a product line made through collaborations with Pakistani artists and designers.

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Yaqeen Ka Safar – keeping audience hooked


Yakeen Ka Safar is one drama that has managed to keep its audience hooked from the word go. We’re liking the fact that the makers have paid attention to detail while not losing sight of the story. It is a Pakistani television series which is airing on Hum TV. It features Sajal Ali, Ahad Raza, Mir Shaz Khan and Hira Salman in leading roles, with Ehteshamuddin, Suhaee Abro and Farhan Ali Agha as supporting roles. It is an adaptation of the novel Who Yaqeen Ka Naya Safar written by Farhat Ishtiaq.

So basically, the story starts with Zubia Khalil who is a young girl griefing over her mother’s sudden death instigated by her father’s physical violence. She has an older sibling Rehan and his better half Sheema. Her dad Khalil has debilitated every one of them to keep their mouths shut about the reason for their mom’s demise. Khalil is an intense traditionalist individual who has unintentionally slaughtered his better half by slapping her since she defied him. The occurrence happened on the grounds that Zubia expected to visit her companion’s home for some errand and demanded her mom go with her. Her mom had been told by her dad not to leave the house. At the point when her dad found the occurrence, he slapped her so hard she went sprawling down and the back of her head hit the bed, slaughtering her in a flash. Zubia’s auntie Mahjabin lands at the time and consoles profoundly crushed Zubia.

The second storyline includes a family in Islamabad, where a family is commending their child Daniyal’s wedding with his cousin Gaiti. Daniyal is a youthful legal advisor who has as of late moved on from London and furthermore a greatly down to earth and genuine individual. Asfandyar is the younger sibling of Daniyal who might leave for Karachi for restorative examinations after his sibling’s wedding.

The third storyline includes Noori, a credulous young lady living in country town of Sindh. Noori is seized by a pastor’s child Jehangir Shah and deplorably group assaults her with his two companions. She is rescued the following day by a man who takes her to healing center where the specialist calls her family and tells them of the occurrence. After the episode, Noori’s family are embarrassed in town so Noori chooses to render retribution on Jehangir and his companions. She flees from her home and is found by and taken to Karachi by Rumana, an NGO woman. Rumana tells Daniyal about the Noori assault occurrence. Daniyal goes to Karachi, meets Noori and chooses to document a body of evidence against Jahangir Shah and his companions.

The story continues like this and nowadays its getting too intense. Up to now 24 episodes have come out. In the last episode it is focused more on Zubiya and her developing feelings for Asfand. And while we also got to see Asfand and his budding feelings for Zubiya this was the first time, we got a vision into what Zubiya was going through. We loved the way the emotions and feelings were expounded in this episode and it is amazing that it has turned into a love story and everything related to two people falling in love is being carried out so beautifully & convincingly.

All in all, Yakeen Ka Safar is a fascinating drama that has achieved to keep us hooked, due to its strong story line, unique concept and amazing execution.

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Magnum Presents: A Chocolate Affair


Pakistan’s premium ice cream brand Magnum, synonymous with chocolate and fashion is all set to host its biggest event of the year. After a series of unprecedented chocolate showcases in Karachi, Magnum brings its much anticipated calendar event to Lahore: The Magnum Chocolate Party presenting ‘A Chocolate Affair’. The affair is set to take place on Monday, 9th October and brings to Pakistan, for the first time ever, the globally celebrated and award winning chocolate artiste, chocolatier Paul Joachim, more popularly known as The Chocolate Genius. Paul has repeatedly captured audiences worldwide with his impeccable prowess in the manner with which he crafts pieces of art and fashion from chocolate. He will be creating bespoke pieces specifically for this show. Further, at ‘A Chocolate Affair’, The Chocolate Genius is set to collaborate with ace designer and master of theatrics, Ali Xeeshan for a first of its kind fashion and chocolate inspired installation.


How to Prevent Your Eczema in Turning into a Swelled Rash


Be prepared already, your skin will thank you!

Winters are close and so is dry skin. In winters, the victims of eczema always prepare themselves by stocking up on comfortable sweaters and boots, and get worried about their miserable irritated skin.

Eczema is irritation of the skin that generally shows up as an itchy and dry rash. It has layers of rough, dry, itchy, scaly and thick patches of skin. Flare-ups can be caused by aggravating items, diseases, stress, infections, climatic changes and allergies. There are billions of people who are affected by eczema. Atopic dermatitis is one its most common types.

In spite of the fact that this condition distresses individuals all year long, the brutal temperatures and dry climate that accompany fall and winter can trigger a dermatitis explode. Debra Jaliman, M.D. who is a famous dermatologist and author of a book names as “Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist” has figured out how to oversee dermatitis or eczema in the winter and make the irritating condition more tolerable.

The first thing to follow is: Don’t forget to apply moisturizer! Continuously saturate in the wake of cleansing your skin, including hand-washing. Jaliman recommends that those with dermatitis ought to pick a formula with hydrating ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, butter or ceramides and avoid scented creams for your skin. You’ll additionally need to ensure that you’re utilizing a mild soap and antiperspirant particularly made for delicate and sensitive skin to stay away from any additional irritation.

You will likewise need to reconsider some of your most loved winter-climate habits, which might be unintentionally aggravating your skin. Jaliman says, for instance, as enticing as a super-hot shower is on a chilled day, hot water strips skin of its natural oils which makes it dry. And keeping in mind that you might need to layer up in comfortable sweaters, ensure you’re wearing breathable normal clothes like cotton directly touching on your skin. Cloth material like silk and georgette are irritating and can disturb skin inflammation.

Jaliman additionally prescribes to apply a SPF 30 or higher consistently amid the winter. Surprising? No, it’s not. Sun can harm your skin which triggers eczema, and on the grounds that it’s cold doesn’t mean there’s no sun. “Amid the winter, there is still UVA light, which harms the collagen and flexible tissue,” Jaliman says. She suggests to utilize mineral formulated creams withtitanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are not aggravating to the skin. Jaliman says you ought to likewise be utilizing a humidifier while you rest amid the winter, which can help include dampness into the skin and air.

If you get no alleviation from the above strategies, or have an extreme instance of dermatitis, visit your dermatologist for guidance and help. He likely recommends corticosteroid creams or oral anti-infection agents to repair open pores and damaged and dry skin.

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Peter Lindbergh: Fashion Photography like never seen before


Known for his significant artistic pictures, Peter Lindbergh is perceived as a standout amongst the most influential contemporary photographers. Considered an innovator in photography, he presented a type of new authenticity by reclassifying the benchmarks of magnificence with immortal pictures. His humanist approach and romanticizing of ladies separates him from other photographers as he benefits from spirit and identity.

Peter Lindbergh’s outstanding pictures have filled in as flashpoints in fashion industry for quite a long time. This new book containing 400+ pages “Peter Lindbergh: A Different Vision on Fashion Photography” priced at $70 at, offers an exceptional history of fashion, models, art luminaries and designers, exhibiting the German lensman’s simple, mainly black-and-white style. More than 400 pictures that are incorporated into this luxury collection are separated one after another in order of what his subjects are wearing, beginning with Azzedine Alaïa and ending with Yohji Yamamoto. According to his major surveying at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, Netherlands, this book has unique and game-changing storytelling and it has brought a new idealistic and narrative vision to art and fashion. Over the ages, he has created images that marked the history of photography, characterized by a minimalist tactic of the post-modernist photography.

The genuine stars of the book are Pina Bausch, Tina Turner and Madonna. Lindbergh is credited with introducing the age of the supermodel with his shots of the then-rising stars like Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell.

Raw and seductive at once, we can see how Lindbergh symbolizes monochrome/black-and-white pictures which show redefined standards of beauty by highlighting soul and personality as much as appearances, revealing the grace and sensuality of older women and favouring natural and authentic beauty in an era of universal retouching.

In a declaration to Lindbergh’s renowned status in the fashion world, his pictures are contextualized by analyses from the likes of Nicole Kidman, Jean Paul Gaultier and Grace Coddington. Anna Wintour and Cindy Crawford picked Lindbergh to shoot their first US Vogue cover. Their tributes clarify exactly what makes Lindbergh’s pictures so exceptional and intense.

Glance at some of the astounding images which are included in this desirable collection. Then, decide and buy this book!

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L Oréal Professionnel Business Forum 2017


After the astounding success at L’Oréal Professionnel Business Forum in Lisbon last year, the brand is all set to host their biggest event of the year in Seville, Spain between 2nd and 4th October 2017. The event will comprise of day time technical sessions, hair shows and demonstrations followed by thematic events and celebratory dinners. Apart from sharing tips and tricks, L’Oréal Professionnel teams from all over the world will interact with one another along with the ambassadors that represent their brand. L’Oréal Professionnel Business Forum is an annual event that takes place at new locations everywhere and sets the standards and trends for the coming year globally.

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Careem-TCF campaign raises PKR 1.9 million for the cause of education


Marking the successful conclusion of Careem’s TCF car type campaign, #TheCitizensFoundation (TCF) received a cheque of PKR 1.9 million from Careem in a small ceremony at TCF headquarters in Karachi. The cheque was presented by Careem’s MD, Mr. Junaid Iqbal and received by TCF’s CEO Syed Asaad Ayub Ahmad and TCF’s Director Mrs. Bushra Afzal.