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Whimsical Parties Fulfilling Dreams


Dedication, creativity and professionalism- these are the three components that made Sundus Mustafa flourish in the demanding world of event management. Her business started when she used to plan her daughter’s birthday parties and the outstanding décor caught the attention of family and friends. After their persuasion and requests to set up her own shop, Sundus decided to make a name for herself and named her company Whimsical Parties.

Within a short time, her business grew vastly and today, Whimsical Parties is highly sought after for organizing wedding ceremonies, parties and corporate events. She has an inborn flair for event managing. As this interview was being conducted, Sundus was designing a floral pattern on a sketchbook that she could later use for developing a theme for an event. Even though her formal training was by herself only, she strengthened her work by completing a degree at finishing school in Switzerland and then in New York.

From designing exquisite wedding invitations to arranging birthday parties, corporate events, window displays and favour boxes, she does it all. From outstanding customer service to creating phenomenal events Sundus Mustafa not only meets her clients’ needs but fulfills a passion, love, and a hobby of creating something purely magical. Here are eight reasons why you should consider Whimsical Parties for the upcoming wedding season:

1. Works within a budget

Whimsical Parties is known for creating dreams within a budget. “In fact, that is the first question we ask our clients, how much are they willing to spend and then work around that,” says Sundus. They aim to cater to all budgets.

2. Extremely creative and involved

Creativity is what makes Whimsical Parties truly unique. Each event has a distinct feature catering to the theme of the event. From the use of flamingo sculptures to Buddha Bars and taking inspiration from Roman Architecture, Sundus has done it all. She believes that creativity has no boundaries and each time there is an event she creates something different and spectacular, giving attention to the finest details.

3. Customizes according to client preferences

Sundus believes that understanding a client is one of the most important things in the event management industry. Getting into the mind of the client makes it easier for her to comprehend what exactly they want and then put her heart into creating it.Being a true master at the skill- she makes sure she exceeds expectations every time.

4. Offers the best quality

Being a giant in the competitive world of event management, is no simple task. The fine quality and attention to every minor detail of Whimsical Parties is what attracts potential clients. Quality on flower arrangement, products, items etc is never compromised.

5. Great team to work with

Her team comprises of talented workers. “I am blessed to have a great team and have learnt a lot from them.”

There are times when this team is working continuously for days but the passion never dies. The skilled team is ready to go an extra mile for the clients.

6. Most items are skillfully handcrafted

At every wedding, Sundus and her client come up with a unique theme. Once the theme and concept is clear, she and her team start working on the finer details that makes the ceremony all the more beautiful. Items like sculptures are mostly designed and crafted from scratch for example at a recent wedding the theme was Buddha Bar and a humongous Buddha Sculpture took months to craft. The result was a real-life, astonishing monument which depicted Sundus’s incredible artistry. Other ready to pick items are imported from America and China.

7. Positive clients’ feedback

Today, being an event manager is no easy task- clients could be demanding and fussy over décor but her clients are like her second family. They trust her judgment, her creativity and they know that at the end of the day she is going to do an outstanding job and make their event truly memorable. “She transforms the wedding arena into something truly royal and magical.” says one client.

8. Delivers what she promises

Sundus manages her deadlines like a true professional. Delivering exactly what is promised to the clients is what sets her apart from competitors. It is no surprise that Sundus has become immensely popular, due to her excellent time management skills and splendid project quality.

We at Brides & You highly recommend Whimsical Parties for the upcoming wedding season and wish Sundus Mustafa and her time team a big good luck!

Features Interviews

Taufiq Hussain-The Dream Merchant Strives On Customer Experience


What started off as a hobby for Taufiq Hussain became his life’s work, passion and legacy. It was almost some 30 years ago, when the Pakistan Fashion industry was in its infancy that he ventured into fashion designing and took the industry by storm. Not only did he establish himself as a fashion pioneer, but also played a hand in breaking gender stereotyping and paving the way for today’s generation.
Today, his name is revered as the ‘dream merchant’ of the Pakistani Fashion industry and his clientele pans over three generations, not only because of brand loyalty but because of the exquisitely custom experience catered to his clients. No matter how much the industry has evolved, Taufiq Hussain remains a brand that is synonymous with creativity and quality.
Here are 8 reasons why you should consider Taufiq Hussain for the upcoming Wedding Season:

1.) Pioneer in the fashion industry
Taufiq Hussain has built his brand on creating exquisite bridals and luxury formals and even after three decades has sustained the quality of his work and customer service.  The designer sticks to his forte and only works on bridal couture and formal wear. He has been in the industry for almost 30 years creating exclusive designs and styles for each of his clients and his solid years of experience are enough for us to trust him blindly.

2) Customization
All Taufiq Hussain designs are customized according to the needs of the client. “I try to design something truly unique for each client” says, Taufiq. Your big day should be just that, your own. He does not believe in mass producing and focuses on creating one of a kind art pieces that will be your own unique experience.

3) Striking colour combinations
The colour combinations will definitely leave you all spell bound. Truly unique colour schemes with the perfect bling give the ensemble a much needed oomph factor. Taufiq believes that the foundation of any creativity is the colour palette. Therefore, at his studio you will experience the whole spectrum of colours and decide which suits you best, keeping up to date with what is on trend for the season! Be it soft shimmery pastels, or vibrant va va voom pop shades, he has proved his expertise at handling colour blending and creating magnificent timeless pieces.

4) Research into the bride herself – what would suit her most?
This is an occasion every bride dreams of and Taufiq understands the pressure and stress she goes through. He believes in building a relationship of trust and accommodates his customers with utmost care. Unlike many in the industry, he personally meets with the bride to understand what she truly pictures herself wearing and also gives her suggestions on what would suit her the most according to her physique and personality. His business philosophy is that an outfit should not only complement the wearers physical attributes but personality as well. He spends time with the clients and discusses their wishes creating a comfort level and bond of trust that is rare and many a times develops into the greatest of friendships due to his easy going charm.

5) A true artisan
Taufiq’s creativity is not limited to his fashion designing alone. His fine aesthetic sense can be witnessed in everything he does. As a student he earned an art distinction and was encouraged by his teachers, peers and close family. Therefore art is something he is innately drawn to and that is precisely what you will experience. Not only will you have a custom created stunning outfit, you will receive sound advice, regarding what all you need to make your outfit and event simply the best it can possibly be!
6) Personally involved and meets deadlines
Taufiq Hussain is personally involved at each step. From the stones to the threadwork embellishments he ensures that everything he uses is of fine quality, therefore, purchases all items himself. He is extremely professional about meeting deadlines and makes sure he delivers the outfit on the time promised. No one needs the added last minute stress.

7) Reasonably Priced – specialized
In this day and age when other designers are charging exorbitant amounts for bridals, Taufiq’s bridal range is priced reasonably and quite affordable. He caters to all his clients by customizing the design according to one’s preference (and budget). He agrees that bridal outfits are expensive but it is due to the high production costs.

8) Quality fabrics are used
According to Taufiq, the most challenging and fun parts are to find the perfect materials to complement what he has envisioned for a client. He uses only the best of fabrics: pure tissue, kimkhab, jamawars, French lace and at times something completely new and radical to create his iconic pieces. There is absolutely no room for compromise on the quality of work put into his masterpieces. Taufiq’s skill and aesthetics are truly one of the best in the industry and highly commendable.

We at Brides & You highly recommend Taufiq Hussain for the upcoming wedding season.


Cover Shoots

In Conversation With The Talented Mohsin Khawar


Mohsin Khawar, one of the most sought after fashion photographer’s is living up to the reputation of being the best in Pakistan. His photographs not only capture the art of fashion but also the story behind each collection. He has gained immense popularity in Bridal photography because of the natural emotions he brings out in each shoot. His bridal shoots depict a wedding story of love and emotions bringing out the perfect memories in photographs.

One of the reasons why his work is different from the others is that photography is more than just an occupation for him. It was a hobby and passion for this field that led him to open his own photography studio and since then he has worked with a number of celebrities and design houses. He believes in using as much natural light as possible to bring out the best possible results. You can see his amazing work on the links below:

Facebook Page:


We at Brides & you interviewed him regarding his work, the kind of clients he deals with and a lot more.


1. Tell us a bit about your background and how you got started with photography?

I started photography in 2006 as a hobby. After completing my architecture degree, as I was travelling around I ventured into travel photography. Later, in 2009 I became a fashion photographer and established my own studio.

312. Which was the first official fashion shoot you covered? When was it, for whom and where?

I was lucky enough to start off my career with a shoot for Chinyere’s Abaya Line. I learnt a lot in my first shoot in terms of, how retail brands should be photographed.

3. How would you describe your work?

My style of photography is more focused on the aspect of light. Light is a key component in photography as it changes the mood of the subject for example for an editorial the lighting needs to be more dramatic, for lifestyle the images need to be neat without any shadows. I feel if you have a strong command over light you can successfully deliver what the client needs.


4. What is the biggest hurdle you face as a photographer?

I believe that failure is nothing but delayed success therefore, I do not believe in hurdles. One should never stop trying; hurdles to an extent motivate you to try harder and perform to the best of your abilities.

5. Are you selective about your clients?

I am not selective about my clients. I put in the same amount of effort for all my clients and do not compromise on quality.


6. You’ve ventured into bridal shoots as well. What appeals to you more now that you have explored that specific area of photography?

Capturing brides on their big day is beautiful. It’s a different experience and a source of pleasure that one is involved in making someone’s big day extremely special for them. You can see the emotions coming out and all you have to do is capture those expressions naturally without any forced posing.


7. What’s your favorite part of a wedding shoot? Can you briefly tell us about one of your favourite shoots- its location/experience with client etc.

Favourite part is the signature pose where the couple is looking into each other’s eyes. Mostly couples shy away or get awkward but later when you see the photographs it brings back great memories

8. Do you prefer indoor or outdoor shoots? And why?

I mostly prefer outdoor shoots because the natural light is the best way to get the right colour temperature. For our bridal clients we have an indoor studio and leave it up to the couple to decide whether they want an indoor or outdoor shoot. Making the client comfortable is our foremost priority


9. If given the chance – who would be the person, you’d like to do a shoot of – dead or alive?

There are a lot of people I would like to photograph but one specific person i would have absolutely loved to photograph is the father of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam.


10. Tell us about your upcoming projects

I am currently working on various winter campaigns, one of the most interesting is a shoot for menswear done in the streets of Old Lahore. Another campaign I am working on is for luscious cosmetics



Amna s Cutting Edge Highlights 5 Tips For Autumn Season Brides


As a service provider Amna’s Cutting Edge is catering to the needs and wish list of the brides. Their main aim is to tell brides how special they are and to make sure they look and feel beautiful on their wedding day. We at Brides & You asked them for 5 Tips that the brides-to-be should follow this season.

  1. Hydrate your Body: All you lovely Brides to be don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. The human body is 70% water. While you are all busy with the wedding preparations do not forget to have at least 12 glasses of water each day.

amnas 32. Hydrate your Skin: Whether you use La Mer or Ponds, you must remember to keep your skin moisturised. Follow a simple cleansing regime at home. Clean your skin and moisturize twice a day , along with scrubbing on alternative days usually at night time.

amnas 4 3. Hair Matters: Oil your hair regularly and avoid excessive styling as it really damages it. Do not be too experimental right before your big day. If you have dyed your hair stick to that shade and avoid a new look as it is not the best time to do so.  Make Use a shampoo and mask/conditioner so keep the healthy.

bb2 4. You are what you Eat: Include a lot of fruits in your daily diet. Eat healthy and try to exercise for at least an hour each day. Exercise is important to not only maintain your body but also for a naturally glowing skin.

amna's 2 5. Bridal Trends: This autumn, bridal hairdo should not be as messy and elaborate as they have been since the past year. We at Amna’s Cutting Edge are focusing on neat hairdos, giving emphasis to the face. The foundation should be more dewy and natural along with more elaborate eyes. Ensure that your make-up is more natural and not too overdone.


Amna Of Ramsha s Bringing In Diverse Design Aesthetics


It was almost 17 years ago that Amna Sohail of Ramsha’s ventured into fashion designing and gave her 100%. Fashion has always been a very integral part of her life as she followed her passion at a very young age and designed clothes for herself and friends.

Ramsha-2 new Today, she’s creating exquisite bridals and heavy formals that shine on a bride on her big day. Her forte is to design exclusively detailed bridals after understanding the mood and needs of the bride. Amna feels it is extremely important for a designer to thoroughly know the bride in order to understand what she wants to wear on her D-day.

“Clothes depict the personality of a person, therefore, my aim is create an ensemble that a bride truly feels beautiful and confident in, ” says Amna.

Ramsha-4darkerFor the designer, all clients are extremely special and caters to their preferences by customizing an outfit  in terms of design and budget. She believes in involving the bride at each step to ensure she gets the best quality. Known for  traditional and elegant bridals in hues of red they are truly ethereal creations. Her team’s specialty is making use of tilla and zardozi to create a very delicate and intricate piece of art.  The brand Ramsha’s draws its inspiration from all elements of nature and incorporates those elements in her designs.

The variety in her clothes, the details in her craft and her distinct art proves that she is one designer to look out for.

We at Brides & You wish her tonnes of success ahead!

Photography: Studio Life Photography

Make-up: Hifsa Khan Dalon

Jewellery: Samreen Vance



Tariq Amin Gives PIA Crew A New Look


PIA is on the path to bring about massive improvements in its service. With the launch of new business class planes the national carrier is now set to introduce a more polished crew.  The grooming classes are given by Tariq Amin, one of the pioneers in the industry.


Daniyal Gilani, the spokesperson of PIA shared pictures on social media where the talented hairdresser can be seen having one on one sessions with the crew team.


Hoping to see PIA revive its former glory!


Kate Middleton Travels Like A Commoner


The Duchess Of Cambridge, Kate Middleton completed her first solo engagement abroad. After completing her tour  she took a  British airways commercial flight to London shocking all passengers onboard. In a pale blue Catherine Walker skirt suit she was escorted by bodyguards and her team and took a seat closest to the front ahead of the 50 minute flight. The excited passengers took photos of her and were quick to post them on social media sites.


However, upon landing she did enjoy her royal status as she was taken off the flight and escorted to the car waiting for her before any of the other passengers were allowed to get off the plane. The Duchess has a long association with the British Airways as her mother, Carole Middleton, was once an employee of the airline.




Rahat Fateh Ali Khan s Concert Cancelled In India


Many Pakistani artists have been in deep waters with the increasing Pak-India tensions, the latest being Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.


The singer was set to perform in Noida, India sometime in November, but the organisers are considering to call off the event. Times of India, reported a member of the organising committee saying “We had thought of starting our concert series with Shafqat Amanat Ali, tentatively on the weekend after Diwali, followed by Rahat’s performance later in the month. But, with the current political situation it would be unwise to have Pakistani artists performing here. So we are looking for other options.”

Lets hope the situation doesn’t regress and the exchange of artists continues!


Carrying the tradition Forward


Solitaire Designer Jewellery Mall of Lahore


Passion, dedication and most importantly skills are needed to enter the competitive jewellery industry and this is the combination that made Solitaire (Mall of Lahore) Designer Jewellery’s Asad-ur-Rehman flourish. Being the third generation of entrepreneurs and having an experience spanning 50 years it is no surprise that they create the most exquisitely detailed and perfectly finished fine jewellery.

Solitaire Designer Jewellery is a brand known for its trust, extraordinary customer service and hard work. The process of creating these enthralling designs is a procedure where the combination of modern technology and in-house designing meet.  Manufacturing and designing are the elements that make Asad-ur-Rehman’s work not only magnificent but result in providing top quality jewellery to his customers.

He believes that inspiration for creating divine work comes from the world itself, from the natural wonders of nature to the glorious yet historic Mughal and Egyptian Art which collide with the mesmerising colours of the ocean. Solitaire Designer Jewellery takes pride in offering unique designs, great finishing and good quality jewels. The designs range from traditional to contemporary, each of its fine jewellery pieces, make a signature statement and set apart the women who wear it. The gemstones that they use are of high quality and are handpicked by the in-house certified gemologists to ensure quality jewels for client satisfaction.  To ensure great quality pieces the clients get jewels stamped with 18k, 21k or 22k gold, guaranteeing long-lasting, durable and superb products that can be passed from generation to generation.

With heavy bridal sets being in demand all over Pakistan Asad-ur-Rehman highlights the importance of design, quality and wearability while selecting bridal jewellery. However, as fashion trends change day by day clients’ demands are also changing from gold jewellery studded with polki to delicate diamond sets.

Starting off with Ruby Jewelers in 1986 he founded Solitaire designer jewellery in 2008 and since then the family business has grown from a typical retail store to an organisation with its own designing and manufacturing facility. They have ventured into manufacturing corporate gifts for Aitchison College Lahore, Pakistan Institute of Fashion & Design (PIFD), Government College Lahore, SMEDA etc. Fulfilling their corporate responsibility, they have been providing internship facilities to students of BNU & PIFD. Now this is a business which not only involves making money but is about fulfilling social responsibility and this is something he certainly did by training women entrepreneurs of Gilgit Baltistan, in collaboration with Agha Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP), which to no one’s surprise was a great success. In the coming years, they plan to open more outlets across the country and also offer their jewellery worldwide.

We at Brides & You have shortlisted 5 of the most exquisite pieces that you surely can’t afford to miss!



Our bestseller, handcrafted necklace set, made in 22k gold with mother of pearl.

Inspiration: Egyptian Art



An abstract design of diamond polki drilled on to a piece of deep green onyx, for these artistic earrings.

Inspiration: Jewels of the Nizams of Hyderabad



Exquisite bracelet made in 18k rose gold with diamonds.

Inspiration: The Ocean



This gold bracelet is studded with cabochon rubies, green onyx and diamonds.

Inspiration: Mughal Art



An enticing weave of pearls and rubies is used with diamond polki and south sea pearls, to create this bridal masterpiece.

Inspiration: Jewels of the Nizams of Hyderabad