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How to choose the right hair colour for your skin tone


We often see hair colour disasters on women where the streaks or the full colour of the dyed hair looks very unflattering with a certain complexion.

We do believe that every woman is free to choose and go as wild as she wants in her choice of hair colour but isn’t the ultimate goal to improve upon the looks? For this you need to determine your skin tone and then pick a shade that will work best for you.

With the large variety of shades to pick from, it can be a daunting task. But if you get it right, then you can be sure to bag multiple compliments. We highly recommend a consultation with your salon expert but if you don’t want to go those lengths, then follow the simple advice below:

Knowing your skin tone

The first step is to know what really is your skin colour and tone. To be sure follow these steps:

–          Wash and cleanse your face thoroughly to get all makeup off.

–          Find a well lit place which has a large window with plenty of natural light flowing in.

–          Do a colour test by holding a blue shirt against your skin and then a red one. If your face looks better in blue you have a cool tone, if it looks better in red you have a warm skin tone. If you are unsure get two of your friends to take a poll on what suits you better.

Finding the right hair colour:

Now here’s the enjoyable part- finding the right colour:

For warm skin tones:

If you have determined that you have a warm skin tone, you will need to choose a colour in a cool tone. Yes it may be surprising but this will compliment your skin. The cool colour shades have words such as ‘cool’ and ‘ash’ in them. They have a definite platinum silvery tone.

But if you like more traditional and closer to your south-Asian hair colour tone, go for a darker colour. Think fawn, really dark brownish-black, dark red, chestnut, amber or auburn. If you want to go for highlights, then go for a cooler colour to make sure it doesn’t look brassy against your face.

If you have a dark complexion, but you have figured out that it is a warm tone, then go for a shade which is definitely lighter than your complexion or much darker. It is very important to make sure that your hair doesn’t look almost the same as your skin colour because that will be a disaster!

For cool skin tones:

Your biggest priority should be that you don’t want to look washed out. Choose a warm colour to make you look alive. This is true for dark or fair skins both.

If you are a cool tone, then you must figure out how to balance it out. Look for shades that contain words in them such as ‘warm’ or ‘honey’. Think of a rich chocolaty shade.

If your heart desires blondeness and yet you know you have a cool skin tone, then go for blonde by avoiding the blonde shades which have too much silvery platinum in them. If you are a woman who likes to be funky and wants to experiment with fun colours you can do it not with blue but with pink. Just remember the trick is not to go for a cool shade and opt for a warmer one.

Whether you have a cool or a warm skin tone, also keep your complexion in mind. Fairer skin can carry lighter colours well. If you have a darker complexion, a blonde colour even if you pick the right blonde shade according to you skin tone, might not look flattering. The darker you are, the more rich and dark shades are the ones you can carry and will compliment you. Images: Shuuterstock.

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5 International Vacations


On the off chance that Paris is extremely high-priced for your next trip, here’s a great opportunity to consider a more out of the way trip. Various destinations provide incredible fun and magnificent vacations with cheaper flights, food and hotel stays.

1. Oaxaca, Mexico

Total Cost of a Week for Two: $1,948

Disregard Cabo and Cancun: Mexico’s genuine pearl sits in the foothills of the Sierra Madre. Oaxaca offers the best of everything guests adore about the nation: wonderful hotels, local charm, markets with handcrafted stuff and brilliant nourishment.
Check flight rates on any app such as Hopper. Your stay however will be shoddy. Hotel rooms are down 22% year after year, averaging $78 a night. Trips, nourishment, and knick knacks have likewise turned out to be less demanding on the wallet, because of a drop in the estimation of the Mexican Peso against the Dollar.

2. Hoi An, Vietnam
Total Cost of a Week for Two: $2,684

An UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hoi An has roots that can be followed back to a fifteenth century angling port. Today the seaside town, arranged on the Eastern Vietnam Sea, offers both authentic locales and flawless, white-sand shorelines.
Among the numerous amazing destinations in Hoi An is the beautiful Japanese Covered Bridge, worked upon in the sixteenth century. Strolling over the scaffold is free, in spite of the fact that there is a little charge to get to the gallery on the north side of the structure.

3. Siem Reap, Cambodia
Total Cost of a Week for Two: $2,445

Daring travelers will discover stupendous sights in a lavish wilderness setting in this Cambodian social capital. Flights to Siem Reap are down by about 11% this year. Siem Reap likewise has an exuberant road-food scene, particularly during the evening, with merchants that set up in the Old Market close to the Park Hyatt Hotel.

4. Xi’an, China
Total Cost of a Week for Two: $2,828

A lot of Xi’an is a period case: really old and all around safeguarded. The city’s greatest fascination is without a doubt the “Earthenware Army.” An exhibition hall ($22 for grown-ups in high season) simply outside the downtown area takes guests through the historical backdrop of these 8,000 statues uncovered in 1974 after remaining hidden for 2000 years.
Spend an evening investigating the city’s antiquated city dividers ($8 to enter), which stand very nearly 40 feet tall and are the best saved in China. Lease a bicycle close to the South (“Yongning”) Gate and take a relaxed ride over this more than 600-year old structure.

5. Sofia, Bulgaria
Total Cost of a Week for Two: $2,725

Following control by a progression of domains, Sofia is left with a mixed blend of Roman remnants, Ottoman-period mosques, domed chapels and Soviet military landmarks. Similarly, as with numerous European urban communities, both airfare and lodging costs have fallen year after year.
Begin your touring at Aleksander Nevsky Cathedral, which has brilliant arches- a striking image of the city. It was built to show respect to officers who battled for Bulgaria’s freedom during the nineteenth century Russo-Turkish War. The underground historical center at St. Sofia Church holds an ancient necropolis and the remaining parts of four different holy places. Bon Voyage readers!

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Parchi premieres Karachi and Lahore


Star-studded premieres of #Parchi, the latest offering by IRK Films and Arif Lakhani Films in association with #ARYFilms, were held in Lahore and  Karachi. This movie has been the talk of the town since its trailer came out in December, followed by the hit song ‘Billo Hai’ which has the whole country grooving to it. 
#Parchi is set to release nationwide on January 5th 2018. Internationally, it will release in UAE, USA & Canada on January 12th, 2018 and in France on January 19th, 2018. The talented cast includes Hareem Farooq, Ali Rehman Khan, Usman Mukhtar, Ahmed Ali Akbar and Mahenur Haider.

For more information visit:


Facebook: https://www.

Facebook: https://www.

Twitter: aryfilmsary/

Twitter: ParchiTheMovie

Instagram: https://www. aryfilmsofficial/

Instagram: https://www. parchithemovieofficial/


Snapchat: /ARYFilms


Secrets to winning the Battle against Acne


Acne has a tendency to show up at the worst time. Find out all you should know about its treatment in easy ways.

Do you have whiteheads?
When you are not exfoliating and scrubbing off dead skin this happens- they pile up on the skin’s surface and block pores, which leads to a buildup of oil and hence the whiteheads.

Do you have reddish pimples?
These breakouts are caused by hormonal imbalance when you are stressed and you have excessive oil. They can also be linked to your menstrual cycle.

Over-the-counter treatments
Mild, non-hormonal breakouts can easily be managed. Apply a treatment with two percent salicylic acid, which exfoliates. You can also switch to a daily cleanser with at least 0.5 percent salicylic acid.

See a dermatologist
If your zits last more than eight weeks, consult with a dermatologist. Scarring can be avoided if you treat acne early.

Stronger topical products
In addition to starting you on a benzoyl peroxide cleanser regimen, you may be given a combination of other treatments. Ask your doctor to ensure that it does not make you more sun-sensitive or dries your skin. If skin is irritated stop immediately.

High tech remedies
Dermatologists may offer high-tech remedies such as the ones which use suction to deep-cleanse pores. A light pulse is used to kill the bacteria that causes acne and redness. You can find out about them at your local dermatologist or skin treatment clinics.

Hormones regulation
If your acne is the hormonal type no product that you apply on the skin will make any difference. Many women are given birth-control pills that can help clear up skin. Estrogen and progestin help suppress testosterone and prevent breakouts.

Eat healthy
If you love pizza with extra cheese, then you are not going to like this! Studies prove that cutting back on dairy can improve acne. It includes all milk products as well as sugary delights!

Don’t pick your zits
Trying to burst your pimple is a major skin crime. It can spread bacteria, cause additional breakouts and lead to scarring. But if you absolutely must then here’s how to cope: Dab the area with any good sterile solution to disinfect it, then apply an antibiotic cream or ointment which will fight bacteria and help the spot heal.

Get rid of blackheads
If you have acne, chances are pretty good that you also tend to get blackheads. They are caused by oil and debris that has darkened within clogged pores. Start exfoliating with two percent or less salicylic acid or glycolic and lactic acids every morning. Let it sit for about a minute on damp skin in order to give the acid time to do its thing, then rinse. Don’t use your fingers to get a blackhead out. After you shower, hold a cotton swab on either side of the blackhead, then gently press down. Don’t force anything… if it doesn’t budge, abort mission and apply a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment.

How to cover it
When all efforts fail and you have a pimple learn how to cover it like a pro. Press it with a cotton swab soaked in witch hazel (or any sterile solution), then with another swab soaked in eye drops as they contain anti-inflammatory agents which reduce redness. Dab a medicated concealer on it. If a pimple is huge, it will cast a shadow, so try a different method: Brush on a mattifying primer, before applying foundation. Then pat on an opaque, full-coverage concealer. Acne scars can be covered with an eyeliner brush. Run the brush over a stick concealer and coat the inside of the scar. This hides the shadows that make these scars appear more recessed. Then apply a mattifying liquid foundation. And just like that you get full coverage and you are good to go to that party with confidence!


Make Your Make-Up Last All Day Long


1. Polish those pores

Exfoliation is key to prepping your skin for cosmetic application – the smoother the surface, the more even products can be applied and therefore, the longer they last. Twice a week polish away dead surface cells with a good exfoliator. Invest in a good, trust-worthy exfoliator to be a part of your routine.

2. Use a clever moisturizer

Ever noticed that your make-up starts to collect into fine lines and creases come mid-morning? Hydration levels and sebum production fluctuate through the day causing your skin to look more uneven, but there are moisturizers that respond to ‘over-day ageing’ to aid this. Use one that makes your skin smooth and firm while you wear it.

3. It’s all about primer

Primer seals in your moisturizer and provides a smooth, even surface for make-up. Not only this, it keeps your make-up from being absorbed, giving it greater staying power. If you have oily skin and feel like your make-up slips off, try an oil-free formula for an all-day matte finish, however, if you feel your make-up fails to wear well because you’re battling dry patches, try something that seals in moisture for hours. Using a different primer for delicate eyelids intensifies your make-up, ensuring it doesn’t crease, slip or shift.

4. Care for long-wear

Long-wear make-up is called this for a reason; good one boasts budge-free formulas without looking heavy. A reliable product will cover everything from gel eyeliner to mascara and is great for dry and dehydrated skin. One which contains shine absorbers is perfect for oily skin types, as well.

5. Set with powder

For longevity, always seal your make-up with powder to help it stay put. While people remember to set foundation on the t-zone, concealer is often neglected, but a gentle sweep your under-eye make-up will keep bags at bay longer.

6. Layer it

Building up your make-up products in light layers will make it last way longer than applying one heavy layer, and it always looks more natural, too. This rule applies to your base, eye make-up and lipstick.

7. Learn to lip-map

The secret for long-lasting lipstick is sandwiching in the color. First, frame your lips with a lip liner, mapping out your cupid bow and the corners, which will give structure and grip for your lipstick. Then apply your lip color with a brush, building it in fine layers and finish with another coat of pencil to set it.

8. Blot, don’t reapply

While it’s tempting to top-up your make-up throughout the day, go easy, as too much powder can look cakey and leave a heavy finish. Build-up can also increase your pore size and surface dehydration in the long run, so focus on preventing that.

9. Stop touching

We’re all guilty of touching our faces without realizing that we are spreading germs, viruses and allergens around – and while we’re at it, we’re ruining our make-up, as well. You can spend gold on high performance products but if you’re habitually picking your spots and rubbing your eyes, you might as well not bother. Consciously find another activity to replace it with, like interlocking your hands or clenching your fist.

10. Make setting spray a must

Make-up setting sprays are specifically designed to prevent make-up meltdown, so you hardly have to touch it up day to night. Like a hairspray for the face, using this mist should be the last step before you leave the house. Find the perfect one for your face after reviewing few of the best.