In Conversation With The Talented Mohsin Khawar

Mohsin Khawar, one of the most sought after fashion photographer’s is living up to the reputation of being the best in Pakistan. His photographs not only capture the art of fashion but also the story behind each collection. He has gained immense popularity in Bridal photography because of the natural emotions he brings out in each shoot. His bridal shoots depict a wedding story of love and emotions bringing out the perfect memories in photographs.

One of the reasons why his work is different from the others is that photography is more than just an occupation for him. It was a hobby and passion for this field that led him to open his own photography studio and since then he has worked with a number of celebrities and design houses. He believes in using as much natural light as possible to bring out the best possible results. You can see his amazing work on the links below:

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We at Brides & you interviewed him regarding his work, the kind of clients he deals with and a lot more.

1. Tell us a bit about your background and how you got started with photography?

I started photography in 2006 as a hobby. After completing my architecture degree, as I was travelling around I ventured into travel photography. Later, in 2009 I became a fashion photographer and established my own studio.

2. Which was the first official fashion shoot you covered? When was it, for whom and where?

I was lucky enough to start off my career with a shoot for Chinyere’s Abaya Line. I learnt a lot in my first shoot in terms of, how retail brands should be photographed.

3. How would you describe your work?

My style of photography is more focused on the aspect of light. Light is a key component in photography as it changes the mood of the subject for example for an editorial the lighting needs to be more dramatic, for lifestyle the images need to be neat without any shadows. I feel if you have a strong command over light you can successfully deliver what the client needs.

4. What is the biggest hurdle you face as a photographer?

I believe that failure is nothing but delayed success therefore, I do not believe in hurdles. One should never stop trying; hurdles to an extent motivate you to try harder and perform to the best of your abilities.

5. Are you selective about your clients?

I am not selective about my clients. I put in the same amount of effort for all my clients and do not compromise on quality.

6. You’ve ventured into bridal shoots as well. What appeals to you more now that you have explored that specific area of photography?

Capturing brides on their big day is beautiful. It’s a different experience and a source of pleasure that one is involved in making someone’s big day extremely special for them. You can see the emotions coming out and all you have to do is capture those expressions naturally without any forced posing.

7. What’s your favorite part of a wedding shoot? Can you briefly tell us about one of your favourite shoots- its location/experience with client etc.

Favourite part is the signature pose where the couple is looking into each other’s eyes. Mostly couples shy away or get awkward but later when you see the photographs it brings back great memories

8. Do you prefer indoor or outdoor shoots? And why?

I mostly prefer outdoor shoots because the natural light is the best way to get the right colour temperature. For our bridal clients we have an indoor studio and leave it up to the couple to decide whether they want an indoor or outdoor shoot. Making the client comfortable is our foremost priority

9. If given the chance – who would be the person, you’d like to do a shoot of – dead or alive?

There are a lot of people I would like to photograph but one specific person i would have absolutely loved to photograph is the father of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam.

10. Tell us about your upcoming projects

I am currently working on various winter campaigns, one of the most interesting is a shoot for menswear done in the streets of Old Lahore. Another campaign I am working on is for luscious cosmetics

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