Marium Ali- A Pioneer in the Event Management Industry

Starting almost 18 years ago, just at the age of 22, Marium along with her sister was asked do the wedding décor for a very close relative. Being the perfectionist that she is, Marium took care of every detail and as expected the event was a huge success. Since then there was no turning back.

Friends, family members and acquaintances started coming to her for help and event management became an integral part of her life. Today, she’s a true master at the skill – she does fabulous wedding décor and corporate events. Depending on what the client wants, she makes sure she exceeds expectations.

Being a pioneer in the event management industry, Marium has made a steady client base that keep coming back to her. She set exemplary standards for other event managers who wished to follow her footsteps.

Today, the industry in event management is tough with lots of emerging talent and competition but according to Marium it is difficult to copy one’s work.

“You cannot copy creativity. Other people can never come to your level of offering the same services. There will always be a difference.”

Labour management is a significant factor in this industry. She has 90 people on her pay roll and having several events to manage during the busy season she agrees that teamwork makes it all work. It gets her through the tough, demanding clients.

Time management is also everything and with all deliveries being made a night before the event, Marium manages her deadlines like a true professional.

Being an experienced professional she does not depend on anyone or outsource anything. She has everything in-house from the lights to the sofas. Unlike, other competitors she customizes all her items according to client demand. Her clients are like her second family; they trust her judgment, her creativity and they know that at the end of the day she is going to do an outstanding job and make their event truly memorable.

She is hardworking and dedicated and admits she cannot sit at home and do nothing. Aside from the successful event management business, she has a small clothing business set up at home. She is a perfectionist at heart and event management and designing clothes are not her only talents, she also offers catering services that add to the variety of her businesses.

It may be difficult and stressful but she has done it. She started as an amateur but became a true entrepreneur, pushing herself to create the unimaginable and has made a reputable name in the industry. She turned her strengths into stepping-stones and taught everyone around her how to do the same and achieve their dreams.

We at Brides&You wish her the best!

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