Squiggly Makeup: An art or destruction of art

Squiggly or curvy lips are the in thing these days. Open up any type of social media and people are going OTP by pasting their pictures which are often bold and bizzare. It is crazy how “squiggly” brows were in fashion once and now this trend follows the lips!

Squiggly lips then? Is it fashion? Elegant fashion or ridiculous fashion? Squiggly lips in the name of high end fashion has ruined the aesthetic sense of the old school. What they deemed elegant and classic, the modernism in fashion has deemed it to be ancient and out of fashion!

The squiggly look goes way beyond lips and brows! The entire make over from the face to the hair can be done in squiggly fashion! The majority of people agree to the silliness of this trend. Some feel it makes you look like a cartoon and clown whilst others feel that it takes them to witchy Halloween makeup! So dear squiggly makeup, let us see how far you go with this innovation!

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