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Sadia Jabbar Productions and BVC Media Ventures in Web Entertainment with “Shameless Proposals”


Sadia Jabbar Productions, which is known for being versatile and unconventional with their choice of work, has announced their first Web Series named “Shameless Proposals” in collaboration with BVC media.

Written by the creative duo Saji Gul and Atlas and directed by Hunny Haroon, the web series explores the shallow and often cringe worthy practice of “hunting” the right girl, in our society. It elaborates the process of how well educated, free thinking and independent girls are forced into arranged marriages. It will unwrap to discuss seven different stories of proposals.

With web series said to be the future of the entertainment industry, producer Sadia Jabbar shared her views by saying, “Television and films are mainly a platform for families but web series give you the power of standing up and voicing your opinion or highlighting the evils of society through entertainment and to not only change how entertainment is seen but also how it is perceived”.

Co producer Tehseen Shaukat added by saying “The medium of web entertainment is still untapped in Pakistan, although it has been gaining popularity all over the world, the audience can be classified as niche but holds immense potential to make your voice heard”.

After giving an entertaining film “Balu Mahi” and wonderful drama “Mere Bewafa”, the most prolific production house is ready to explore the digital front.

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Another Signature Drama by Sadia Jabbar “Dil-E-Bereham” Ready to Hit Your Screens


The renowned producer Sadia Jabbar and owner of Sadia Jabbar Productions is ready with another signature drama serial “Dil-e-Bereham”. Directed by the brilliant craftsman Syed Ali Raza Osama – known for “Bashar Momin” and written by the young and talented Mansoor Saeed.


Sadia Jabbar, the insightful producer is known for her charismatic work.  Covering a wide range of genres, her works include the romantic film ‘Balu Mahi’ and acclaimed popular drama serials “Mera Naam Yousaf hai” and “Mere Bewafa”. Once again, she is bringing her expertise on screen with Amar Khan, Samina Ahmed, Behroz Subzwari, Isra Ghazal, Wahaj Ali, Maryam Nafees and Kiran Butt.