Things To Do On Your Wedding Week


Things To Do On The Week Of Your Wedding


    1. Do a Dress Rehearsal


Put on the full look, including your wedding dress, your bridal shoes, and all of your accessories to complete the ensemble. Make sure you’re feeling confident and happy with the overall look of your wedding day outfit from head to toe.

2. Break In Your Shoes

break in your
Speaking of those, make sure you spend some quality time in your wedding shoes so that you break them in before you find yourself standing in them for 8-hours straight. Put them on for 30 minutes a day and break them in with a walk around your house or a quick dance to your favorite song.

3. Clear Your Work To-Do List

to do list
Take care of any big projects or assignments at work early on that week so that you don’t have a to-do list of work tasks floating around in your head. That way, you can gallop into your wedding weekend without your boss’s voice lingering in your head.

4. Get Plenty of Sleep

Try to crawl into bed a little earlier than usual the week before your wedding. The more rest you get, the better. Once the wedding activities start, it may be harder to wrap your arms around a solid night’s sleep.

5. Pack Your Honeymoon Bags

If you’re jet setting off to your honeymoon right after your wedding, be sure to pack your bags ahead of time. That way, you won’t have to worry about doing laundry or adding last-minute items to your suitcase the morning after your big day.

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