Truth Or Dare – a new addition to SeePrimes epic short films

See prime never fails to impress its viewers as it gives hits after hits and this time they present to us yet another short film titled “Truth Or Dare” starring “Yasmha Gill”, “Mirza Zain Baig” ,”Naeema Garaj” “Mohammad Hanif” and “Aamir Shah”. 

Truth Or Dare takes the students back in time where they attend their college reunion. With old memories rushing back to them they start to play their most favourite game “Truth Or Dare from their college days.

After a very naughty dare that they play with their principals’ wife, Shaan and Saima start choosing truth and here the story depicts and reveals true love between Shaan and Saima. 

When Shaan asks Saima to marry him and keep their old love spirit alive she turns around and tells him that she is married. 

The best part about the short film is how they narrate that in fact Shaan and Saima are married through the game. 

As the reunion ends Saima starts walking towards her car and her son starts looking for the father. And there we see Shaan coming up and hugging the child. 

We love happy endings and the relationship and chemistry that we see between Shaan and Saima from being college sweethearts to sticking through thick and thin and making each other a forever. 

This enchanting love story “Truth or Dare” is a film by Mohsin Talat. Written by Ashar Naeem, produced by Ali Hussain and Mahib Bukhari and exclusively produced by none other than Seemeen Naveed “Truth Or Dare” is now available for viewers on SeePrime’s YouTube channel. 

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