Want To Know More About Mahira Khan’s Latest Project?

The lines resonate with a sharp hit from the first episode promo, Razia not mincing words here:

“zamana e jahiliat mai beti paida hotay he dafna detay thay.”

“Hum zinda rakhtay hain”, quips Mahira’s character…”takay roz dafna saken”. – Razia

In an episodic promo release of the first episode, due to air on 14th September, Mahira’s dialogues are sufficient to send shivers down one’s spine, making us fully grasp the gravity & bitter truth of her words.

Want to know more about Mahira Khan’s latest project? Read on to know all the details about Express Entertainment’s upcoming limited series Razia, starting 14th September.

The Razia limited series trailer teased audiences into curiosity, revealing a women-focused narrative wrapped in poignant, witty one liners. Spanning generations, Razia the story (and young girl) beckon to us to fall in and walk the journey of many more women who will be watching on the other side of the screen – possibly, all of us.

Creators Mohsin Ali and Hina Aman are not just about dreams, but making them come true. Hence the drama serial Razia, although shot in the rustic locales of Kotri, is referred to endearingly by the makers as Khwaab Nagar – a small town where every girl can realize her dream! 

The set was created from scratch – all new, all handcrafted! The color palette shows off a burgundy hue set off with whites and blacks, yes, Mahira Khan’s outfit was also part of the curation process. (But more on that later).

“Khwaab dekhtay hain, dekha karen, zaroor pooray hotay hain” – Writer-director Mohsin Ali shares his ethos and inspiration behind Razia. Razia is the story of all girls who let their dreams be – unfulfilled, incomplete, … adhooray khwaab. Or … is Razia the story of all girls who make sure their dreams are not abandoned?

Producer Hina Aman was moved by the story when it was related to her almost 3 years ago by writer Mohsin Ali. But when both creators got together, they wondered, why not get the tale its own storyteller? Through powerful imagery, artsy illustration, appealing visuals, and set design, the narrative took shape with the voice of a lone, yet charismatic storyteller breathing life, tone and atmosphere into the narrative – almost reducing it to a finely chiseled piece of Art.

This creation was signed off with visually appealing animation and state of the art graphics to give us a story that felt like we’re not watching “just any other story” but instead, “THE Story” that might be a gamechanger not just in the script but in the art of storytelling as well!

Will Razia lead to a new form of storytelling? We’ll just have to wait and see if the ripple effect inspires others to do more and better in the creative process.

Mahira’s final aimed to give off girl next door feels, ethnic yet modern, relatable yet charismatic. The outfit was curated by producer Hina Aman and Art director Nisa Karamatullah with a final call from Mahira herself. Towards the end, the team had brought it down to multiple options of waistcoats and kurtis from which Mahira picked the final look.

“To cast the young Razia, we conducted multiple auditions, many television star kids auditioned too but we ended up deciding on extracting raw, unexplored talent, visiting house to house in search of our younger protagonists. Most of the child stars are new without much acting background, performing for the very first time.” – writer-director Mohsin Ali on Razia.

Waiting to know more? Guess you’ll just have to watch!

So stay tuned to watch the drama air on 14th September, 8 pm, every Thursday exclusively on Express Entertainment – Razia, The Pure Art of storytelling with a cause!

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