10 Types Of Brides You ll Meet in Pakistan

An educational note to grooms and family members


The brides-to-be are truly evolving and assuming charge of their weddings fiercely. Rightly determining the type of bride being dealt with, helps in dealing and catering to brides’ demands. Readers please remember that you might end up knowing a bride which can fall into not just one but a merger of the following classifications, so these can be altered, tweaked and twisted according to the case presented to you. Here is a selection of fairly distinguishable slots.

1. The Budget Bride

She is the do-it-yourself bride. She is searching for inspiration for everything online as well as offline. She is savvy down the planning. She might shove tedious works through the throats of others for the sake of minimising cost.

Tip: Maintain distance with her and watch her work.

2. The Bridezilla

She is our Godzilla-inspired bride. She is very frank, open and loud about everything. You will find her shouting all the time (you could often be the subject of her shrill and sharp tongue). She might have scared her husband-to-be often, if not a few times. Her colour preference for her bridal outfit keeps changing.

Tip: Tread gently with this one.

3. The Anti Bride

She is the rebel bride. She wants others to know that. She does not conform to any sort of traditional wedding conventions; She may create her own justified customs and make others adopt/follow them. Sometimes she thinks she should not even get married but is going to anyway. Traditional red surely is not her colour.

Tip: If she runs away, do not go after her.

4. The Princess Bride

The fairytale princess-like bride is waiting for her Prince Charming and could not be more excited that her dreams are finally coming true. The colour Pink is her favourite-est in her wedding planning. She perceives everything to hold magical enchantment.

Tip: Just stand on the sidelines and smile. Do not try to break her heart by ever not agreeing 100% about her wedding planning… colours and all!

5. The Nervous Bride

She is a thinks-a-lot bride. She thinks more and about too many things. She constantly brings herself down to confusion, worries about never-happening tragedies and all that could go wrong, even when everything is smoothly on its way. She is active and is always checking something or the other.

Tip: Give her a glass of water to calm down often.

6. The Last-Minute Bride

This one is the forgetful one. On the eleventh hour, she will remember that she has not done something crucial. In other hours, she is very casual and calm bouncing from here to there. She assures everyone that the essential matter is completely under her control and she has attended to it.

Tip: Keep reminding her of her important wedding related chores list.

7. The Fun-Loving Bride

This carefree bride might spend the whole week not knowing that her own wedding is next week. She does not take things too seriously, is very interesting and sporty. Her priorities are all mixed up. Top of the list is her peace of mind and of course having total and complete wild fun! Nothing else matters as much.

Tip: It is a take it or leave it package… the choice is yours. But decide and then stick to it.

8. The Surprise-Loving Bride

This one is a planner. She will not tell even her best friend what she has up her sleeve. She will plan ahead for entertaining ideas for everyone. She might have a bizarre theme wedding.  She will not seek anyone’s advice about makeup, jewellery, dress or photographer and all this can either go right or go completely south ruining her big day. Lots of surprises there for you.

Tip: Stay supportive if things go awry. Stay appreciative and act like you love everything about the wedding.

9. The Perfectionist Bride

She is the spick and span bride. A winner, she has decided how her wedding will be and nothing will change that. She has taken care of all the wedding details in advance. She is doing all that is necessary to turn her dreams into reality and if it does not happen, it can be harsh for her. She can turn into a bridezilla any moment if things are not as pleasant as she would like them to be.

Tip: Help her, work with her.

10. The Sentimental Bride

Here is the touchy bride. This one is over attached to everything. She carries the flame of tradition, seeks inspiration in the older generations. She wears jewellery and accessories already in the family bank locker. She works to make the occasion as special as possible.

Tip: Be in the moments she makes special. Be ready to lend a shoulder to cry on any unexpected moment.

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