Caught - An Innovative escape room experience

Justice Project Pakistan (JPP), a renowned human rights organization, has once again joined forces with Olomopolo to present a groundbreaking event titled “Caught!” – an escape room experience designed to shed light on the intersection of the death penalty and torture. Coinciding with World Day Against the Death Penalty (October 10), this three-day event aims to engage, educate, and inspire attendees by immersing them in the complexities of the criminal justice system and the consequences of capital punishment.

The event, featuring creative design and direction by the esteemed Ryan Van Winkle, is set to captivate participants while delivering a powerful message about the urgent need to reduce the application of the death penalty. “Caught!” will take place at Lahore’s historic Bari Studios from October 6 to 8 (Friday to Sunday).

Participants entering the escape room will find themselves thrust into a high-stakes scenario reminiscent of capital punishment cases. Through solving puzzles and unraveling clues, they will grapple with the moral, ethical, and legal dilemmas that permeate these life-and-death decisions. This immersive experience serves as a poignant metaphor for the race against time faced by individuals on death row, heightening the tension and urgency that characterizes these cases.

More than mere entertainment, JPP’s escape room event serves as an educational tool and a call to action. By participating, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the flaws and injustices inherent in the death penalty system. They will be encouraged to contemplate the irrevocable consequences of wrongful convictions and the profound impact on the lives of those condemned. Ultimately, this innovative initiative strives to raise awareness, promote empathy, and galvanize public support for limiting the use of the death penalty.

In a world where the pursuit of human rights and justice remains paramount, JPP’s escape room for World Day Against the Death Penalty stands as a testament to the plight that criminal defendants experience daily. Through immersive storytelling and interactive engagement, this event seeks to foster a society that questions the morality and efficacy of capital punishment, paving the way for a more just and compassionate world.

This three-day event at Lahore’s Bari Studio will see active participation from influencers, socialites, celebrities, and media, and will be open to the public. JPP will collaborate with social media influencers who share their experiences through live streaming, shedding light on the intersection between torture and death penalty convictions.

Ryan Van Winkle, an American poet, live artist, podcaster, and critic, has played a pivotal role in crafting the script for the escape room. He has enlisted the expertise of a game designer from the UK to develop the games for the escape room. Ryan has been a valued collaborator with JPP since 2016 on various projects, including ‘Bus Kar Do,’ ‘No Time to Sleep,’ and ‘We’ve Been Waiting For You.’

Justice Project Pakistan has a history of impactful collaborations with Olomopolo Media, dating back to 2014. These collaborations have included community awareness campaigns that utilized live theatre, film, radio, and various other mediums to address critical human rights issues. Notable examples include:

“LIMBO” – A dramatic reading of letters from prisoners on death row, performed by renowned actors Erfan Khoosat, Sarmad Khoosat, and Samiya Mumtaz. This powerful performance provided a glimpse into the lives of death row inmates, fostering a deeper understanding of their challenges.

“No Time to Sleep” – A groundbreaking 24-hour live performance by actor Sarmad Khoosat, based on the life and case history of JPP’s first client who spent 17 years on death row. This performance received a staggering 1.4 million views.

Justice Project Pakistan and Olomopolo invite the public to join them on this transformative journey to challenge the use of the death penalty and advocate for a more humane and just society.

About Justice Project Pakistan (JPP):
Justice Project Pakistan (JPP) is a non-profit human rights organization that works to end the use of the death penalty in Pakistan and advocates for the rights of prisoners. Since its inception, JPP has been at the forefront of campaigns to address issues related to wrongful convictions, torture, and death penalty reforms in Pakistan.

About Olomopolo:
Olomopolo is a creative platform that focuses on creating engaging and thought-provoking content through various mediums such as theater, film, and interactive experiences. Olomopolo has a strong commitment to addressing critical social and human rights issues through its creative endeavors.

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