Make this Father’s Day count

Father’s Day is just around the corner- this Sunday, June 18, 2017. So we at Brides & You want to bring you a few suggestions of how you can you make your father happy. Every father or father figure in our lives deserves to be praised and appreciated for all the efforts he tirelessly made to keep his children happy and contented.

Father-Son or Father-Daughter T-shirt

Get a T-Shirt printed especially for your father with an interesting logo printed on it such as “You are the best father” or “You always fix everything”, or a simple “I love you Dad.” In Karachi you can have your customized T-Shirts from many places such as

In Lahore Instaprint located in Gulberg of MM Alam Rd can be one option. There will be many available on the internet for other cities.

Say it with a card

Tell your father how wonderful he is by giving it in writing which he can treasure forever. Tell him how you acknowledge all the sacrifices he has made for you and that nobody can be a better father than him. Bring a smile to his face by appreciating him for all his good qualities and for standing by you through the hardships of life. Find quotes on the internet or poems about dads and write them in your card.

A well-thought out present

Give him a nice wallet, a key-ring, a brief-case or a laptop bag. These are all the things he will really need. So you can also get his name inscribed on it. Check out Their outlets are both in Lahore in Y Block Defence and also in Karachi.

Gym Membership

Those of our dads who exercise regularly would love this idea. The best gift would be to cover a month’s gym expenses for him. Get moving and go to your dad’s gym or just try a new one- who knows he might love it even better than his old one. There’s a beautiful pool at

Sehri/ Iftar or Dinner

A Sehri Iftar or Dinner can be booked for you to make your dad feel special this year. For ideas about these, have a look at the piece done on our website about restaurants in Ramzan in Lahore.

A few other things you can throw in are to cook his favourite meal, take him out for a movie at night, spend quality time together or simply go out for dessert. Go and get busy to make it a special day for daddy!

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