remember the weddings of the good old simple times?

As I was sifting through old family pictures, I came across my parent’s wedding album. Excited to relive the event, I turned the pictures in the collection trying to let all the traditions and culture of that time seep in.

From the colourful Shaadi Mubarak banner at the back of the stage to the delicious korma and firni being served for food, the small traditions and gestures were so aorable: I saw my phupho applying henna to my mum’s hands, and my khala stuffing a whole gulaab jaaman in my father’s mouth. The phuphos, khalas, cousins and children sat in a circle playing dholki, singing old songs which my mother reminisced to be ‘latthay di chaddar’. With everyone dancing to the beat of the dhol, the wedding seemed festive and fun.

All these precious memories made me long to go back to that era- an era of simplicity and purity!

Suddenly, I realized I was in fact in the same age once again. The pandemic has forced people to change their lifestyles. From lavish and magnificent weddings, we see more of smaller, more intimate gatherings. The pandemic has created a massive change in how people think now!

Whereas the pandemic by no means can be seen as a ‘blessing’ yet it has certainly opened our eyes. It may seem cruel to laud the pandemic for the changing lifestyles, but, it cannot be denied that the pandemic has led us to lead a simple[US1] [Office2] , more basic life. It has made us understand the true value of life! A life that does not revolve around money but rather around love, compassion, kindness, and gratitude!

Whilst the pandemic has taken many lives, at the same time it made us realize the importance of living a meaningful life! Throwing money without a care in the world, spending excessively without need is a sin, for money cannot buy happiness! And so what will you do with all the fancy things and who will you show it off to, if tomorrow you drop dead?

The pandemic has made us realize the bitter reality with a sharpness that pricks the conscience repeatedly. It stings the body and soul, sucking out all the energy from it! To improve yourself whilst you have the chance to do so is the only way out! You may not be given the opportunity again! Hopefully, our nation will come out of this pandemic soon, but do not forget the lessons it has taught us.

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