Six of our Favourite elegant and beautiful table lamps

If you have ever gone on a quest to search for the perfect table lamp, be it for your drawing, living or bedroom, then you already know how hard it is to come across good, decent and stylish table lamps locally. Most of the options available are either made of this plasticky, fake-looking material called resin, which is pretending to be wood half of the time, and brass the rest of the time. It is also breakable. One misses the good old times, when one could actually find good wooden or brass lamps, which were solid and beautiful at the same time.

After searching for long, we have found some very elegant and cute options in lamps for you, which you can even order online while sitting at home. So have a look at our favourite lamp picks:

Spacer Desk Lamp

This cute and sexy little minimalist, miniature, and ultra modern lamp has received rave customer reviews. Place it anywhere on a table top. It is good for living, kitchen and bedroom areas. The Spacer desk lamp is a chargeable and portable. The design is sleek and contemporary. It can lighten up the whole room easily. It can even be used as night light or a study light. It is basically one little amazing thing packed with utility. It is battery operated and rechargeable as well. It even has three modes of brightness- Cool White, Warm White and Natural which makes it suitable to any taste and can create different environments. It costs only Rs 2,499 and is available at

16 Colors Moon Lamp

This cute little ball of fire is 12cm in size. It changes colour with a remote control. It comes with a stand and USB Charging. It has a soft glow and has received some good reviews from users. You can turn your bedroom ambience into a romantic one by using one of these globes. It is priced at Rs 2000 and is easily available on many online lighting stores including  

Finny Night Lamp

Are you in need of a a good night lamp? Well search no more because here is the perfect option which we have dug up for you. How adorable is this lamp? The Finny Night Lamp provides a balanced warmth and glow ideal for night time. And in case you were not a deer person and didn’t want the antlers, you can even have cute little rabbit ears. It is perfectly suited for your child’s room. But if you are into quirky set-ups it will enhance your living room as well. It comes in yellow and warm white and has a dimmer. It is priced at Rs 2,499. It is available at

IKEA ÅRSTID brass Table lamp

Now this is one classy and timeless design in brass. The material used for the pretty shade provides a diffused glow to add elements of design lighting. Ikea suggests that you use this with an opal light bulb for an even and soft distribution of light. This will be perfect for your formal sitting area if your house is designed on modern lines and work well even in the living room. It can go in a bedroom also, because of its simple and beautiful design which is easy on the eyes and will show your sophisticated taste. It costs Rs 6500. And is available at

IKEA TÄRNABY anthracite black lamp

Now this one is simply beautiful reminiscent of old times but added on with a modern touch. It is small and easy to place on any table in a less formal area where you want to create a beautiful ambience with some mood lighting. It has a dimmer as well. It is priced at Rs 8000 and is available at

Himalayan Glow Lantern Salt lamp

This is not just pretty to look at but is made out of Himalayan Salt. It comes with a dimmer switch. As you know, this salt has so many benefits such as balancing the energies in a room, purifying the air, calming your mood, helping lessen coughing and even boosting the blood flow in human body.  It is priced at Rs 1999 and is available on

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