Totkay: Handy Tips

Grow an aloe vera plant in a pot near the kitchen door.  Break off a leaf and apply the juice for the best-ever relief from burns or insect bites. The plant will grow and proliferate with little care apart from some occasional watering.  It’s a natural remedy, virtually free, and unequalled for burns from stove or iron.

For beautiful, shiny, clean jewellery, use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. Rub lightly, rinse and polish with a towel. Diamonds and gold will simply glow.

We’re not sure why, but a capsicum with three bumps on the bottom is sweeter than one with four. Oh, but four bumps makes for a crunchier, firmer capsicum, so you should weigh up crunch vs sweet when picking out your pepper!

Wrap cheese chunks in aluminum foil and store in the fridge to keep your cheddar fresher for long and to keep mould out.

To reheat a pizza so that the base is out-of-the-oven crisp, heat your leftover slices in a fry pan on low-medium heat on the stove until warm and wave goodbye to the days of soggy microwave pizza.

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