Bachaana Movie Review: Sanam and Mohib’s Chemistry Keeps Us Glued

The long awaited, much hyped romantic-drama ‘Bachaana’ is all set to hit screens nationwide and internationally tomorrow. And we’re sure it won’t disappoint. The chemistry and subtle ways of twisting a serious situation into a light, humorous way is what will keep one entertained. An approximate 2-hour runtime, Bachaana is a refreshing mix of comedy and adventure. It excels and comes to par with our expectations.

Moreover, the scenic views add to the story line that chronicle the adventures of two individuals stuck in an unfortunate situation. Throughout we follow the lead protagonists, Sanam and Mohib playing as Aalia and Vicky, on a bumpy journey hoping they come out successful. However, as we laugh with the characters, see their emotional attachment develop, feel the thrill of their escapades and much more- we wait for a climax point.

As the story unfolds, we keep longing for a climax. Their adventures no doubt are engaging but come to the point of being dragged. One waits for the next happening scene for the story to move along. The predictability element with every scene increases but Sanam and Mohib’s chemistry keeps us glued to the screen.

Overall, it is a charming film. Its cinematography is spectacular and the story line moulds it into a must-watch flick. The adventures may be a bore at times but the character’s natural chemistry and strong performance binds the story together.

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