Jing Introduces Quick Lunch Menu and it s Worth Trying Out

When you’re confused where to go for a quick bite during lunchtime, Jing is the place to visit. The restaurant recently launched its quick lunch menu, offering a variety of deeply flavorsome dishes. The menu is brisk- three choices for starters and three different dishes under chicken, beef and fish. Fulfilling to the core, all portions are based on individual servings and each person gets to choose one dish each from the appetizer and main course section. Here’s what left us licking our fingers: 

Clearly this restaurant knows its way around authentic flavors, punching the taste buds with a unique experience. As the tagline suggests ‘Far East Work Works’ – they truly mean it as the asian fusion restaurant provides powerful taste and quality dishes. 

Starting with the appetizers- a serving of soup or chicken wontons or chicken vegetable rolls can be ordered. We started with the hot n sour soup that was piping hot and had a spicy, authentic flavor to it. Mixed with veggies and tofu, the soup is a must have from this section. We did however missed having the prawn tempuras with the soup. For us, a trip to a Chinese/Thai restaurant is never complete without having golden fried or crispy prawns satiate our fish cravings for appetizer.

Plus, Jing’s prawn tempura dish is expensive – RS. 1200 for just 4 prawns but they’re heavenly! The crust is always perfectly well done, so crispy and crunchy and very soft from the inside. Accompanied with different sauces, the prawn dish always leaves us longing for more. If you’re not worried about the damage to the pocket, we highly recommend ordering their prawn tempura along with the lunch menu. 

For the main course, we tried three chicken dishes and a beef chili dry. Well served and visually appealing, this restaurant knows its way well around meat dishes. Each dish was accompanied with garlic rice that was garnished beautifully with small, green onions.

If we had to pick from the four main courses we ordered, we’ll go for our personal favorite- Szechuan chicken. Spicy, highly flavorful and tangy with lots of veggies and a bit of gravy, this dish is absolutely scrumptious! From the chicken section, this one takes the cake. Others like chicken cashew nuts also kept our mouthful but the chunks of chicken were a bit too big for our liking. 

The beef chili dry was done perfectly. If you’re a beef lover, this dish is a must have. Garnished with spring onions, the interplay of veggies with beef and spices produced a punching flavor, tantalizing the taste buds with each bite. 

Portions are huge and food at Jing is always served steamy hot and fresh. Except for the rice crackers that are mostly served mildly-cold. We’d like to see the rice crackers fresh out of the fryer as well. Overall, the quick lunch menu earns a 8/10 rating from us. The quality, ingredients, flavor, ambiance and serving is well-perfected. 

Prices are steep but with the quick lunch menu, the highly priced restaurant has slashed its prices down to Rs.700 plus tax for one individual- now that is a deal worth availing! 

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