Moltyfoam beytibojhnahi

In a country where birth of a daughter is a cause for condolence not celebration, some women have defied their hard circumstances and stepped up to prove otherwise.

Inspired by these powerful stories of daughters of Pakistan, who put their own futures on hold to help their families through financial and emotional hardship, teaching, sewing, working in fields, Moltyfoam has pledged to help them get married with dignity.

Moltyfoam wedding fund’s vision is to enable women to not just start their own future but do so with pride and a sense of independence.

Their goal is to give each of these women vocational training and/or a tool of empowerment (sewing machines) so that they continue on their journey of fighting against a cultural paradigm where ‘beytibojhnahi.’

100 weddings 100 smiles is a celebration of Moltyfoam empowering 100 daughters start their own futures with a smile.

It is a celebration of their strength and willpower without which their family would have had no hope, without which Pakistan would have no hope.

We celebrate these 100 daughters strength with other women of strength, by coming together to light 100 diyas of hope.

Each diya lit symbolizes the courage of a woman who has fought against the can nots and risen as an icon of hope.

Each diya lit is a tribute to their spirit.

Each diya lit is a pledge by Moltyfoam to keep this hope alight, to keep enabling daughters of Pakistan to become self supportive and empowered enough to get married in a new world where beyti bojh nahi.

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