7 Reasons To Choose Hamza Rasool Chaudary for Bridal Wear

While sitting through lectures in school at Aitchision College, sometimes Humza began sketching fashionable outfits to pass time. He always knew what he wanted to do and at an early age, when he was just 19, he worked on a career that has converted into a reputable brand. Today, Humza Rasool Chaudary is a brand name that many recognize and one that is quite sought after. The designer’s forte is in creating exquisite bridals and heavy formals that really shine on a bride on her big day. Here’s why we at Brides&You highly recommend this fashion guru as your first choice when picking your dream bridal dress:

1.His love for REDS!

In the sub-continent it is an age-old tradition for the bride to wear red and it signifies joy and prosperity. It also complements most skin tones and a red bridal always looks classic. However, many designers nowadays are experimenting with neutral shades and brides are opting for these lighter tones. But if you’re looking for a bridal that reflects our rich tradition and culture, Humza is one designer who knows how to work around the colour ‘red’ with perfection. It doesn’t have to be all red but he finds ways to amalgamate the colour somewhere in the outfit giving it a very traditional, regal and old school look.

2.Work is all haute couture giving the bride a majestic aura

All of Humza’s brides have one thing in common- they look absolutely royal, reflecting a traditional Mughal history era empress (one that we see in movies.) He doesn’t use machine embroidery and that’s what gives his work such a fine appearance. He also prefers traditional stitches.

3.A minimum of 12 to 14 fabrics are used in his bridal dresses

According to Humza, anything that looks good and fits in his imagination, he uses that fabric. A minimum of 12 to 14 different types of fabrics are used in one bridal outfit that are so well combined. This creates iconic pieces and he mostly fuses tissue, kimkhab, jamawars, nets and more. More so, only a true designer can blend in such a vast number of fabrics and be successful at it. His skill and aesthetic at it is truly one of the best in the industry and highly commendable.

4.Reasonable and adjusts within a decent budget

Humza agrees that bridal outfits are expensive but it is due to the high production costs. “The heavier, the expensive,” he says but he accommodates clients “as long as their budget is decent.” No matter which designer it is, everyone is charging a basic standard price and Humza’s is USD $3000 onwards.

5.Every detail is meticulously sketched and consulted with the bride-to-be  

This is an occasion every bride dreams of and Humza understands the pressure and stress she goes through. He believes in building a relationship of trust and accommodates his customers with utmost care. Unlike many in the industry, he personally meets with the bride to understand what she truly pictures herself wearing.

6.He’s focused and has experience of more than 10 years in the field

Humza Rasool Chaudary is a brand that was built on creating beautiful bridals and formals and even after a decade that hasn’t changed. The designer sticks to his forte and only works on bridal and formal wear. Despite a heavy shift and demand of pret, semi-formals etc where the profit margins are high, Humza is focused on what he knows best.

7. Clients who have worked with him are full of praise!  

Many brides who have worn Humza’s bridals have had a great experience working with the designer. One of the clients whom we spoke to told us that Humza made a signature outfit for her using different fabrics, techniques and colours and after her wedding, many of her family members and friends opted to go to the designer for bridal wear.

Since Humza’s design philosophy stands out, brides who want a regal and traditional look are highly recommended to go to the designer. His new collection is based on a forbidden love story from the past. “It’s about the passion, vanity and lust of the characters that have inspired me. I’m using fabrics, colours and cuts to reflect that era. I’m sure you all will love it,” stated Humza.

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