6 Best Places in Lahore For Much Needed Beauty Treatments

For all the beautiful brides-to-be we all know how stressful wedding preparations can get with all the long to-do lists. However, all of us want to look gorgeous on our big day and we thought you may want to know about the best beauty treatments to get right before the wedding. We at Brides&You shortlist  6 places to go to for different beauty treatments in Lahore.

1) Hifsa Khan Salon for a Facial: Getting a skin care treatment done is one of the most important things before your big day. However, it is best to get it done atleast a week before wedding festivities or if you have overly sensitive skin you must go for a series of treatments to be carried out over a six month period. Hifsa khan salon offers a wide range of facials starting from Rs. 2500-10,000 depending on your skin type.

2) Teeth Whitening at De Dentiste by Ahsan Javed: Go for teeth whitening because you want your smile to be perfect. Done in 1.5 hours it will surely do justice to your smile and make your pictures look great. A bit expensive around Rs. 40,000 but it’s definitely worth a try! The clinic is situated in C- block Model town.

3) Marvel for a Body Scrub: Try a body scrub to remove dry, dead skin and leave you with a smooth glowing skin. Marvel offers a Moroccan bath that includes body scrub and polisher for Rs.10,000.

4) Cosmederm Laser for hair removal: Go for a laser to remove any unwanted hair from your skin. But, this must be done a few months in advance to ensure your skin is free from unwanted hair on your big day. The charges vary according to specific area you want to get treated.

5) Arammish for a Manicure/Pedicure: Everyone wants a glimpse of your wedding band so ensure that you polish off your look with a pretty manicure. Arammish is the place for the best manicure/pedicure in town charging a mere amount of 1760 to make your hands and feet look pretty.

6) Swedish massage at Nirvana: Chances are that all the planning has left you stressed out. Book yourself a Swedish massage starting from Rs. 5000 to relax your nerves and soothe any last minute tension caused by all those last minute event details.

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