8 Reasons Why Nina Neri Bags Are a Must Have

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From Audrey Hepburn to Victoria Posh Beckham, Kate Middleton to Miranda Kerr and every style diva in the world made headlines not just for the glamorous outfit but the bag they carried with it. It is no style secret that the bag and outfit should compliment each other to create the perfect ‘it’ look.

Whether it is clutches, totes, cross-body or other trendy handbags, no ensemble is complete without a bag that adds an effortlessly classy finishing touch. So, you need to choose your handbag with utmost care and up your style quotient this summer. We at Brides&You find the perfect reasons of why Nina Neri handbags are a must have.

1.) Superb Quality- Genuine Leather

After its recently successful launch on MMAlam road Lahore, Nina Neri handbags definitely caught our attention. The fine looks and feel comes from the high quality leather used in them. The materials and hardware are sourced from around the world and the bags exude a distinctive, alluring feel.

They are bound to last for decades if taken good care and unlike other local brands, Nina Neri prides in providing genuine leather. Mostly goat and cow leather is used along with textured and foil leather with a fusion of animal prints.

2) Elegant and Unique designs


In Pakistan, we often face the dilemma of liking and disliking certain local designs in bags, shoes, accessories and more. Everyone’s taste most definitely varies but in an instant, Nina Neri designs stand out. Similar to international standards, the bags along with their presentation and packaging are downright trendy.

Quite graceful from the outlook, each bag has a special feel. Another key point to be noted is the transition quality of the bags- from day to evening wear, casual chic to evening formals, Nina Neri bags have multiple functionality.

3) Basic Colours That Compliment any Outfit

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This is a tough territory to tread and with our playful, printed lawn suits, coordinating the colours has to be done right. You can either play it safe, go classic or be adventurous. However, the great thing about these handbags is the option of printed and basic colours they are produced in.

 From bright colours like tomato red to neutral tones and shades of metallic, these colours are timeless, evergreen and can be worn with Western/Eastern wear.

4) Practicality

Bags are not bought every day and therefore, it is important they are practical enough to be used on several occasions. Many when buying a bag look for different aspects such as capacity, weight, functionality, pockets, visual appeal and its compactness. It is difficult to find everything all in one but the casual chic ones must have these features.

Nina Neri handbags come in different sizes and are very practical to use. In fact their most selling item is the Seina bag that is medium-sized and has ample room to carry a bunch of things.

5) Reasonable Price Range

These handbags are catered to all age groups and their affordability factor is what makes them more appealing. Their price ranges from RS. 6000 to RS. 20,000. Considering the superb quality and aesthetic designs the company is offering, they are quite reasonably priced.

6) Their Wedding Clutches


Their current collection is inspired by 4 themes- Grace Kelly in wonderland, Arabian Baroque, Shock revolution and Great Gatsby. The handbags at the launch and on display at the moment are a fusion of different styles from different genres and their upcoming collection is focused on wedding clutches.

The handbags represent very high fashion looks and we cannot wait for their wedding clutches that promise elegant detailing and grandeur.

7) Use of Top Notch Accessories

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Just like its superb quality of leather, Nina Neri handbags use quality accessories otherwise the whole look of a bag can change. There are about 10-15 different types of accessories used in handbag production including zips, buttons, closures, chains, small ornaments, D-rings and many more.

All their accessories are imported from Italy and their suppliers cater to brands like YSL, Dolce and Gabana and other luxury brands.

“I do not compromise on my materials as quality is really important to me,” said Sana Tata, the CEO of Nina Neri.

8) Availability and Presentation

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Located in the hub of the city on MM Alam road in Lahore, Nina Neri plans to expand to other cities very soon and an E-store is in the pipeline. So, purchase and delivery of the product will become easier.

Also, the presentation of the bags is very creative. Upon purchase, they come in black square boxes with the logo atop, giving a very luxurious outlook. (Great idea for a gift to a loved one this Eid.)

Even the store display garners attention.

So, if you’re confused where to shop, you now know where to go. We at Brides&You wish Nina Neri all the best!



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