Beauty Tips For Corporate Brides

Most brides today are busy with work deadlines, responsibilities and end up with barely any time to plan their wedding. But taking care of simple things, including the right diet, can do wonders for your skin.

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To achieve the desired look, apart from make-up, it is important to maintain a deep-rooted skin regime that ensures long-term benefits. So one to two months before the wedding, it is important to take care of food you consume as it can affect your skin’s texture and clarity.

Here is what you can dig into:

  • Eat loads of vegetables that have vitamins and are high in fibre.
  • Cut down on salt, sugar, caffeine and alcohol that may irritate your skin.
  • Getting enough water is one of the most important ways to get that glowing look, since water promotes cell turnover in your skin. Eating lots of hydrating fruits and vegetables – like melons, cucumbers, and celery – also helps your skin stay healthy and hydrated.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids also keep your skin glowing and hair healthy. Increase your intake of chia seeds, seafood and flaxseed to get your adequate doze of Omega-3.
  • Continue with your fitness routine. A good mix of cardio and weights three to four times a week will keep you in your best shape.

Credits: Suhaag /All things South Asian

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