Gift Ideas For Eid

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Send your warm wishes toloved ones by offering gifts as a token of yourlove. So, here’s a list of the most ideal Eid gifts (in different price brackets) to give this eid.

Customize Royal Gift Baskets

An exciting idea for Eid gifts is a basket comprising of fruit juices, sweets, dates with almonds, honey, green olives, and a fruit cake with walnuts. Alternatively, you can go for gift baskets having salted pistachio nuts, dates stuffed with almonds, Turkish halwa, and special cookies known as Mamoul. You can add to these with your picks. These delicacies will surely help you offer a delightful treat to your dear ones on the special occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.


There will be no woman who wouldn’t love receiving an interesting piece of jewelry as an Eid gift. Go for simple, but trendy jewelery. For men also you can get items like chains, bracelets, rings.

Consider the age and sizes when selecting clothes to be give as gifts. There are various eid collections in the market, go for the very best ones.


Gift a latest smart phone, laptops, tabs and pads, or a smart watch perhaps. There is a wide range of electronics out there that your loved ones are craving for. This could also be a car accessory or a quality product to go on with the electronic items.

This is always a good idea gift them perfumes that keep your loved ones fresh and lasting throughout the celebrations.

Art Canvas, Wall Arts, Photographs

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An art canvas or Wall Arts with artistically engraved Quranic text is indeed a unique gift that can be offered to your dear ones. Picture of the Kaaba laminated in a beautiful frame and wall hangings having geometrical designs.

Or as a very last resort give money.



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