How To Reinvigorate Your Resolutions + Stay On Track


9 out of 10 women don’t achieve their resolutions because they are too afraid to really go for it. The fact is our success – both with regard to our resolutions as well as our other personal and professional achievements – is largely dependent on how confident we feel, both on the inside and outside. Regardless of your resolutions/goals, here are some of the most common techniques that boost your confidence at every turn to ensure success!

You want to up the ante on your workouts?


Ditch the regular workout wardrobe you’ve been using and buy yourself a workout outfit you feel great in. If you like the way you look walking into the gym you’ll both more likely to actually get to the gym and to work harder once you’re there. It’s a win-win.

You want to eat more healthy?

cooking pasta

Sign up for a cooking class! Confidence in your cooking skills will make cooking at home far more fun and more delicious: an easy way to ensure you’re eating as healthfully as possible!

You want to be happier and stress less?


All you have to do is smile more! Not confident with your smile? Talk with your dentist or orthodontist, get that bright smile up and running.

(credits: thebeautybean/Alexis Wolfer)

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