Got In-Laws? Tips For In-laws

Weddings changes a lot of things for the brides, bridegrooms and respectively the in-laws. So, here are quick points to go through for the in-laws.



Bride’s Mothers-in-law:

• Accept that your relationship with your son is changing. He’s a man, and he will soon be a husband. Let him go. Graciously accept your new relationship with him.

• Your son loves this woman; so learn why he is so crazy about her. Then embrace those things that he loves about her.

• Cherish the fact that she, too, loves your son. After all, you want only the best for him, right?


Bride /(Daughter-in-law):

• Your husband’s mother matters to him, let her matter to you, too.

• Realize that you have power in this new relationship with your mother-in-law. Use it thoughtfully.

• Recognize that you are not in competition with your husband’s mother. You are the one he chose — trust it.


Bridegroom’s Mother-in-law:

• Accept that your relationship with your daughter is changing. Let her be the woman she is meant to be.

• Understand that your daughter’s relationship with her husband should be her priority. Take a step back and allow that to happen.

• Appreciate the role of your son-in-law’s mother — it’s not an easy one.


[Credits: Deanna Brann, Ph.D. Author, Consultant, Speaker]

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