Contouring Is Out. Its Non-Touring Now.

Everything You Need To Know About Non-Touring.


We’ll start here by saying: you do you! Love blue lipstick? Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Contouring your jam? Wait, is it now, Kontouring (Kardashian-Style)? Whatever. Contouring, Kontrouring, either way, if you feel you’re most you with highlights and shadows painted on your pretty face, go for it. We’re not here to tell you to do (or not do) anything other than what makes you feel like a million bucks!

Buuutttt for the rest of us who have been regretfully contouring our faces into chiseled masterpieces, it’s time to step away from the contouring palette and start embracing our natural facial curves. (Let us remind you that makeup trends are just that: trends. They aren’t the be all, end all of what is beautiful. YOU are beautiful just as you are, with contouring or without, so really there’s no reason to ever regretfully do anything in the name of silly beauty ideals! But, we digress…)

The new trend in makeup: “non-touring”

So, what is “non-touring”?

Non-touring is a brighter, dewier, and less made-up version of the no-makeup trend (which, unlike it’s name suggests, actually involved a whole lot of makeup!).

The result: light-on-the-makeup, healthy-looking skin that radiates.

The key: healthy skin (or a primer to fake it!), tinted moisturizer (with a bit of shimmer), and strategically placed (but not too shimmery) highlighter on your cheekbones, brow bones, and on the bridge of your nose. That’s it!

(credits: thebeautybean)

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