Shaan s Latest TVC



Yaad Rakhna 1112-4-622. This is the number Superstar Shaan Shahid wants you to remember.

Shaan has appeared in McDonald’s latest TVC that is thrilling and hilarious both at the same time. Several media outlets report that the TVC is directed by the superstar himself, and after watching the TVC it certainly seems so.

Shaan latest TVC

Its a power pack presentation by the star that begins with a action sequence. The actor is not in favour of sharing his meal and doesn’t like it when his friend attempts bite his meal. After the action is over, Shaan hands his phone to his friend and gives him the number for Mc Delivery and suggests, if he wants one then, he should order his own.  The number to Yaad Rakhna is 1112-4-622.

You can watch the TVC below:

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