Latest Mehndi Trends This Wedding Season

The tradition of applying henna to the hands of the bride has survived the test of time and is such a big part of the wedding even in 2016. However, with all the options & designs, how on earth do you pick just one for your big day?

Here are some classic Mehndi designs along with all other modern twists.

1.Traditional Mehndi: It generally covers the entire hand, very intricate and has few gaps. Designs can vary from floral motifs to animal motifs to traditional Tamil/Rajasthani figurines.

2.Arabic Mehndi: It is one of the most popular forms of Mehndi today has more to do with scattered and geometric patterns and often has larger gaps. It usually includes flowing elements in the form of a wine.

3.Dubai Floral Mehndi: One of the latest trends is the Dubai floral Mehndi, which involves a lot of modern floral work but a traditional look and feel.

4.Glitter Mehndi: More daring brides opt for glitter Mehndi, which involves crystal stickers of fine glitter powder. Other brides like to match their Mehndi with their outfits and opt for colored mehndi instead.


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