5 Things To Know Before Booking Your Make-Up Artist

As service provider Hifsa Khan is catering to the needs and wish list of the brides. She wants to tell them how special they are and to make sure they look and feel beautiful on their wedding day. She believes in delighting the brides and therefore avoids bringing the commercial element into the business.

‘I use to dream of providing a bride to be with a special space where she gets time, love and care.’ says Hifsa

So here are 5 things every bride-to-be should consider before choosing a Make-Up Artist


Are they providing you consultancy ?


    • Hifsa Khan salon provides consultancy from day one till the day of their wedding. The bride will only be totally satisfied when she knows that the artist is listening and responding

Skin & Body Care:

Are they providing you skin & Body Care?


    • Hifsa Khan gives Complete skin & body care consultation & Regime to help the bride look fresh and gorgeous on the day.

Hair Demo:

Are they giving you a hair demo before the main event?


    • At Hifsa Khan Salon the bride is given hair demo’s for all the days she has booked, to know exactly what she wants for her big day.

Touch Ups:

Is the salon providing touch ups after the shoot?


    • Hifsa Khan makes sure that after shoot the bride is given touch ups for the make up to look fresh

 Extra Make-Up

Is the bride given extra make-up for later use?


    • At Hifsa Khan Salon the bride is given some touch up make up for refreshing her look later.
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