This Bride Stitched Her Love Story On Her Bridal Lehenga

Indian designer Kresha Bajaj stitched her love story on her bridal lehenga. She favoured her own creations for the wedding including the groom’s outfits. Taking on the mammoth task she set the big Indian wedding trend for the year 2016.

How she did it can be found at a blog in a popular Indian website titled “Here’s How I Designed My Own Lehenga For My Dream Wedding!”. She explained in the blog that she was not conventional in her ways and so a traditional Indian wedding wasn’t something she had ever envisioned but gave into her traditionalist husband’s will.

“I took inspiration from an episode of The Real Housewives (the mecca of reality!) and decided to frame my wedding lehenga, just how Adrian had beautifully framed her wedding dress”, she writes.

” I started creating my lehenga a kali at a time. First, the entire embroidery was hand drawn. Then, our names were hand sewn with beautiful zari, which was hidden into the embroidery of the fabric, forming a delicate optical illusion. Each of the kalis had intricate frames, in which I had all the important moments of our life showcased – our dating milestones, the proposal and finally our love story. The bottom of my lehenga and dupatta was finished with a hem of jumping dolphins, which was how our story began, as we worked on a protest against cetacean captivity together. The process of trying to create this took days and nights, weeks went into months and yet all I wanted to do was sit and work with the karigars to see my imagination come to life.”

Kresha’s work has also been appreciated by arts industry worldwide. Her interviews have been published in many popular mainstream and non-mainstream news media after her work.

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