6 Facial Massages To Look Younger


It’s useful to know some facial massage techniques. Obviously a massage is much better coming from someone else, but massaging your own face can still be quite effective. Massage helps soften lines and get rid of toxins, and is also very relaxing. Plus don’t forget that your facial muscles need exercise and pampering, just as the muscles of your body do.

Try these facial massage techniques …

1. Tapping


The first of the facial massage techniques you should learn is tapping. This is a really simple technique that will make your face feel more alive. Simply use the pads of your fingers to tap lightly all over your face, moving quickly from one area to another. This will give your skin a lovely natural glow and help you feel more energized.

2. Upwards Massage


Another technique to use all over your face is the upwards massage. In firm yet gentle movements, sweep upwards; use your fingers and keep them together. Work all over your cheeks, jaw and forehead. Never work downwards, as you want to lift the facial muscles.

3. Eye Massage

If your eyes are tired, there’s a lovely technique you can use. Feel around your eyes and you’ll notice that they are surrounded by a bone. Starting at the inside and under each eye, use your middle fingers to gently press. Work your way around the eyes. Your fingers should be just inside the orbital bone. Do this a few times and your eyes will feel more relaxed.

4. Smile

Yes, smiling is a form of facial massage! You’ll need to smile in a really exaggerated fashion, so don’t try this one if you’re in company. Let your jaw drop, then smile really widely and hold. You might look silly, but our jaws can get really tense, so this will help the muscles around the mouth to relax.

5. Sinus Massage

Touch therapy

Do your sinuses often get blocked? This technique can help drain them and alleviate the discomfort. Place your middle fingers each side of the bridge of your nose and move your fingers in tiny circles on the spot. Move them a little further down and repeat, working your way down. Then move your fingers down in long, firm strokes.

6. Featherlight Strokes


This is super relaxing and a great way to finish a facial massage. Simply stroke your face all over using the fingertips and a very light stroke. Start at the forehead, working outwards, and then work your way down the face, moving your fingers outwards. This is a lovely technique if you feel stressed and want to relax yourself. There are more techniques that you can learn, but these simple movements will be a good start.

They’re easy to carry out on yourself and will help you feel relaxed and look good.

It’s a really simple addition to your beauty regime.

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