Sabeena & Bilal’s Romantic Tale April 2001

Sabeena Pasha is name you must be familiar with if you have any interest in the world of fashion. She has been doing a lot of work recently, appearing in many publications and media, bedazzling everyone with her beauty and style. Here is a little about her life as a loving wife and her love story!

When did you get married and how old were the two of you?

We got married in December 2008. Mahmood is 26 and I had turned 27 right before the wedding day.

Was your marriage an arranged one or not?

No, it wasn’t arranged, but we went through everything in a very traditional way. The proposal was sent to us. Then we had a haan and both the families decided on a date. Our parents were very thrilled from the minute they heard we wanted to get married. It’s lovely when everyone’s happy and enthusiastic. Mahmood’s an only child and I was the first from my generation in my family to get married, so everyone’s excitement and involvement really added to the festivities.

How and where did you meet?

Mahmood and I were both in N.C.A. He was my senior and a good friend. We were both in the Fine Arts department and directors of the college music society. Our work and interests were always very similar.

What made you two decide that you were perfect for each other?

There were a lot of similarities in our lifestyle, our interests. We really enjoy each other’s company. We share the same taste in good times, friends, traveling, music and work. We were both brought up in very similar households. He is from a family of artists and so am I. We can make each other laugh. We work together and make music together. All of this and more, made us realize that we could have a very rich and happy future together.

One thing you remember about your wedding day?

Walking in and seeing all the planning and the effort that my mother put into giving me the perfect wedding. I could see it finally being materialized right in front of my eyes. I felt like a queen. Everything was perfect.

One thing you wish you could have added to the ceremony:

I wish I had taken time out and had the foresight to make my own play list of the music for the evening. Other than that, nothing else was left to be desired.

What was the wedding night gift for the bride?

Pearl and polki karas (bangles) from Damas. I think they are absolutely beautiful.

Where did you have your honeymoon? Who decided on the place and why?

We went to Langkawi, Malaysia for our honeymoon. Both of us wanted to be somewhere, where we would be surrounded by beauty, gorgeous beaches and lovely weather. We didn’t want to go to a crowded or commercial destination filled with tourists and malls, and we didn’t want to go shopping or sightseeing just yet. It was winter right after the wedding. We decided to split the honeymoon into two, since all the other places we were considering are freezing around that time of the year. So we shall be traveling in summer for a second round at honeymooning. The place was picked by Mahmood, especially because he knows my fondness for beaches and swimming. It was like paradise, the weather, the hotel, the islands. Everything I could hope for.

What was the one perfect moment of your honeymoon?

There were hundreds of perfect moments. All of them private.

A favourite activity that the two of you enjoyed on your honeymoon?

Deep sea diving and the para-sailing were great experiences. I’m glad that we got to do those together for the first time.

What was the most shocking thing about him which you discovered on the honeymoon?

We had traveled together quite a lot before we got married, so there really weren’t any surprises for either one of us.

The one thing you would change if you had the chance about your honeymoon?

We’re both quite happy with the entire holiday, actually. We probably wouldn’t change a thing.

Who gives in first when you fight?

Depends on the fight. Sometimes he does, sometimes times I do.

What is your song?

All the songs we make together are our songs.

The first movie you saw as a couple? How did you like it?

I definitely don’t remember the first movie we saw. And we’ve seen so many since.

The one relative or friend of your spouse whose company you enjoy the most, and why?

Mahmood’s cousin Farhad Humayun, the drummer. We work together and have been friends for a long time.

Favorite activity as a couple now?

Watching good movies, even cartoons, recording music in our studio, travelling for shows and doing concerts.

Which was the best time of your life? Before marriage? The honeymoon or now? Or still waiting? Other?

I don’t know what the future will bring, but the best time of my life was when I was in N.C.A., before getting married.

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