10 Things You Could Do to Celebrate Independence Day the Proper Way

It is that time of the year when emotions and passions run high. The nation comes out and bleeds green, celebrating with full enthusiasm and fervor. But this 14th August instead of just going out on the streets creating noise pollution, do something worthwhile for the benefit and betterment of our country. We at Brides&You make a list of 10 things you could do to celebrate this joyous occasion the right way!

1) Pay for a child’s education 

Afghan refugee students study in a small crowded classroom in Lahore, Pakistan. (AP Photo)

2) Clean your street, inviting neighbors to do the same 

cleaning the street

3) Take flags, jhandis, badges and gifts for children in orphanage homes and hospitals. You’ll be glad you did so! 

INP Photo by Raja Imran

4) Volunteer at an old age home and try documenting their partition stories. You’ll be surprised at the ordeals these people overcame for Pakistan during that era. 

by propakistani

5) Take a trip to visit Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s and/or Allama Iqbal’s grave. Read up on your country’s legendary men who sacrificed everything for the creation of Pakistan. 

Allama Iqbal & Quaid

6) Distribute Independence Day special stationery to loved ones

pak mugs7) Make time for your grandparents and relive their partition stories that you could share with your children someday

partition stories

8) Start following traffic rules (something we all need to work on) 


9) Visit Wagha border to witness the beautiful celebrations and support your country

flag raising ceremony

10) Now, list down all the reasons why you love your country and share it with your friends and family and be grateful for having a country that has made you into who you are today!


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