Fall Wedding Colors For Soon-To-Be Brides


Fall weddings can be quite the challenge for most brides. It can be difficult to find colors that are perfectly autumnal and coordinate perfectly. If you’re looking for fall wedding colors that will work perfectly with your wedding, look no further than this list.

1. A Burnt Orange

Burnt Orange
Burnt orange is an essential fall color. It is the perfect fall wedding color because it is neutral enough to compliment all other colors so well. It is a color that evokes fun feelings!

2. Rusty Burgundy

rusty burgundy
There is something about colors that are more on the “rusty” end of the spectrum that are so pretty in the fall, especially in weddings. They’re so cozy and inviting as the weather gets colder and the leaves start changing colors!

3. Dark Plum

Deep, rich colors are so inviting, which is exactly what you want your wedding to be. If you’re looking for a dark color that’s going to catch people’s attention and look great on your entire wedding party, go for a deep plum color. It will also be easy to pair with other autumnal colors!

4. A Sage Green

If you’re having a really natural, rustic color and bright colors aren’t really your thing, go for a sage green as one of your wedding colors. Pull in the sage color from the greenery in your flowers, and you’ll pull in a color without having too much color overpowering your day!

5. A Muted, Dark Pink

muted dark pink
If there’s something you just love about having pink in your wedding, but you don’t how it fits into a fall wedding, We’ve got you covered! Go for a darker shade of pink that’s more muted. The magenta hue will look absolutely beautiful on your wedding party and in your flowers!

6. A Buttery Yellow

If lighter colors are more your style, go for a buttery yellow. The color will absolutely pop with any other color you pair it with, or if you’re not looking pop, pair it with burlap for a beautiful, rustic wedding!

7. Mint

Mint for weddings is great no matter the time of the year. It is somewhat a neutral, but it also stands out so beautifully. It’s especially great for fall weddings because it pairs so well with fall colors.

Courtesy: Teresa Fata

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