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Posted on August 13, 2016 by Editorial Team Bridesandyou

By Injila Zeeshan

The Sunsilk PFDC fashion show brought us Hollywood’s famous hair care expert, Jamal Hammadi. Having worked with the likes of Meg Ryan, Heather Green, Linda Evangelista and Drew Barrymore, Hammadi hardly needs an introduction. In an exclusive interview with this world renowned artist, Brides & You finds out about his life and experiences.

What are your thoughts about the Sunsilk PFDC shows being held here?

“It’s all very amazing for me. It’s the first ever show of its kind and everyone seems to be very enthusiastic. For me the show is all about respecting your own culture, design, textures and traditions.”

In what capacity will you be a part of the show?

“Today, I have to meet the designer at Karma, I will get her input and decide on a theme for the hair styling for their show tomorrow. Other than that I’m here as an observer, and as a guest.”

How would you rate Lahore for what it offers, its hospitality and people?

“The Lentil soup which originated from the Mughal period is so awesome, that I want to get crates of it packed and take them back with me! The women are beautiful. They are so much in control and I just love how the models and other women I have seen working on the show are all so well groomed.”

How do you feel coming to a country which is in such a state of turmoil and unrest?

“I was warned and forbidden by many, not to come here, but I decided to do it anyway and now all my friends are jealous of me. I’m having a great time. We all have safety concerns but life must go on.”

Tell us about the new Co-creations by Sunsilk.

“I am the shine expert for the new range of Sunsilk Co-creations. There are a total of seven new formulations created with the help of professionals from around the world. Sunsilk has the best facilities and technology and the product developed in specialized labs is very good. Mostly we approach hair care the wrong way. Shea butter is an ingredient which I have used in my own range of hair products as well. In Sunsilk this, along with mustard oil replenishes and nourishes the hair. It contains vitamins A and E which are particularly beneficial for dry and sun exposed hair.”

Which celebrities have you had a chance to work with and which experience was the best?

“I have worked with Sharon Stone, Lisa Marie Presley, and Meg Ryan among others. Linda Evangelista is very dear to my heart as it was with her that my career started. She was a revolutionary in her hair experiments. She flew me to London to do a cover for British Vogue. I have great bond with her and she has a key role to play in my success. After that Sharon Stone flew me to Paris for the cover of Vanity Fair.”

Tell us about your background and how you got into this field.

“I am L.A born and raised in Paris. I’m Algerian, Tunisian mix. As a young boy I hated going to college. I have naturally tight curly hair and back in the eighties it was embarrassing for me. My hair used to totally unmanageable so I started taking down notes on how to improve my own hair’s condition. And that’s how the journey began. My interest in this field did not hold good with my family initially, but eventually it turned out well when my career took a flight and I was working with many TV and Movie stars. Hammadi Beauty began in 2004, which is a simple range of a few selected good hair care products.”

How does one go about hair care intelligently?

“If a woman’s hair looks good she will feel good too and in Pakistan I notice that women have beautiful hair. Oiling is also part of the tradition here. Avocado oil is very good. In my Hammadi Beauty products I have used shea butter which is an excellent nourishing element. We must always work on enhancing our best features. The intelligent way of addressing your hair problems is to never look for a drastic change. Making a woman look confident is the key. It could be achieved through any style that suits her.”

Did you have a smooth going journey all along or did you suffer from prejudice and come across hurdles?

“The prejudice I suffered from was my own, against myself. I didn’t feel good or worthy enough till I was urged by dear friends and those who believed in me to keep on doing my own thing. Life is not about knowing everything. There’s always room for improvement. Other than that, the journey has been smooth. And now Sunsilk is a great company to work with.”

Is there such a thing as what’s in and out these days as far as hair fashion goes?

“Bangs are in, long hair is in, straight, curly, short, spikey all is in. Texture should be good. Do not go too black on colour. Blonde highlights in darker hair are good these days. Women treat their hair so much and with excessive blow drying and straightening, they just ruin it. Remember that with all these treatments you need to keep the PH balance in mind and keep your hair nourished properly.”

We hope to see more of Hammadi in our country in the future, where the Lentil soup can always be found in plenty.

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