Mascara Tips amp; Tricks


Mascara may be one of the most universal beauty items of all time, also a very important tool in applying eye makeup. Mascara often makes eyes look much deeper and more detailed, completing the look you may be striving for. Therefore we’ve put together a list of five hacks to ensure your application is smooth, your product long-lasting and your lashes in good health.

1. If your lashes are looking a little lack lustre or simply need a little love, apply a primer before mascara to protect and care for your lashes. Apply a little to a clean wand and comb through before bed and soon enough your lashes will feel and look healthier.

2. If you’re not a fan of clumps and prefer your lashes look defined grab a tissue and wipe any excess mascara off the wand to ensure just the right amount hits your eyes.

3. To ensure mascara lasts the allotted three to six months before expiry or doesn’t dry out faster than you bought it, when dipping the wand back into the tube be sure to swirl so this will prevent the product from becoming dry (bad for application) and unusable.

4. Lashes need plumping? There are a few simple and straightforward ways to get fuller looking lashes. One, after your first coat of mascara and before the second dust a little baby powder over them. This will make your lashes appear thicker and often longer. Secondly, never forget to apply mascara to the top and bottom of your lashes. This will automatically make lashes look voluminous.

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