How To Respond To Uncalled for Engagement Ring Questions


Getting engaged comes with a slew of questions, from friends who are curious about about a lot of details. One such line of questions revolves around your engagement ring, the size, the quality of the stone or totally inappropriate like how much it costs? It becomes uncomfortable when symbol of your love is turned into a matter of material possessions.

Whether you know all the details or not, the specifics of your engagement ring are no one’s business but yours and your fiancé’s. So how can you respond to people prying about your ring?

Here are a few suggestions on how to respond appropriately:
Start by reminding whoever is doing the asking that what matters is what your ring represents.

1) Say something like “You know, I’ve never thought about what it cost. I just love it, and I love that my fiancé picked it out for me!” to redirect attention to your engagement instead of just your ring. Then change the subject!

2) To questions about how big the stone is, if its real, focus on how or the design details that make it really special. Wearing a stone other than a diamond? You’ve got every right to explain why you picked emerald or a ruby — or just ignore the question!

3) Of course, if you really don’t want to discuss it, say so! Saying you’d rather not talk about the value of the stone is a completely reasonable response, as is replying with your own question and saying “Why do you ask?”. They might have a good reason — interest in finding an engagement ring of their own, for example — or they might just be curious, at which point you can say “You know, I’d rather not discuss it,” and move on.

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