9 Tips For Weight Loss

weight loss

To reduce extra weight is not very tough and is in your own hands rather than going to a doctor or a specialist. If you pay attention to your health it will be a lot easy for you to lose extra weight. Start off with controlling your food habits and make a diet chart for weight loss.

Here are few other points to take note of:

1) Write down a food chart to loose your weight.
2) Drink at least 15 glass of water in hot weathers.
3) Take in more green vegetables.
4) Include skim milk in your diet.
5) Eat in small portions.
6) Exercise on daily basis. At leas 20 to 40 minutes of walk or other exercises.
7) Fish is one of the best meats of all.
8) Try to eat high fiber foods daily (Ispaghol, whole wheat bread, Oats, Figs, Coconuts, Flax seeds / Chia Seed etc).

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