8 Reasons You Should Go to Maram amp; Abroo for Your Bridal Makeup

What started off as a hobby is now a reputable name in the industry making them one of the most sought after make-up artists in Lahore. Maram & Abroo built their name in UAE for five years before returning to Lahore in 2005. The duo started in a small studio in Johar Town but an overwhelming response from the clients demanded the studio to expand further. Today, they operate from their relatively new studio on MM Alam Road and the duo has a repute to cater to the brides-to-be with perfection. They are known for giving a girl her dream bridal look and capturing it perfectly on camera.

In recent years, they have experimented with various looks and here’s why Maram & Abroo  Salon is our first choice for Bridal make-up.


    1. Reasonable compared to others 



Where other make-up artists are charging exorbitant amounts for bridal looks, Maram Azmat has nominal charges that are within budget. They offer various packages catering to all clients starting with Rs 23,000 to Rs 30,000 by a senior artist, whereas Maram herself charges between RS. 75,000- RS. 85,000.

2. Bride gets special attention


Maram gives special attention to each bride therefore; they do not take more than 3 brides a day. She understands that the bride is nervous and needs extra pampering to make her feel confident and truly beautiful.

3. Interactive-Open to client suggestions


Customer satisfaction is the top most priority. She believes in communicating with the bride, asking her what kind of looks she wants and giving suggestions regarding what would suit her most. She gives the bride the most flawless look based on what she is most comfortable with

4. Use of good quality make up products


She uses both local and international make-up brands. Mac being the hot favourite as it offers a wide variety of shades and covers all skin tones and also makes the application great. She uses Mac’s studio fix for her base on the brides and that does not crack. In fact she says it sets even well if the bride is sweating. Other brands she uses are Urban Decay, luscious and Inglot.

5. Focused and has experience of more than 10 years in this field


Maram & Abroo is a name that promises to enhance your features, giving you a fresh glow amd natural look. Even though it has been over a decade they are still delivering unique makeovers. Her specialty is giving each bride an innocent yet traditional look and making her who she is; eastern and beautiful.

6. Involved in the whole process from start to finish.


Being a perfectionist, she ensures everything is done by her from the base to the hair and the final touches. She keeps the bride at ease and continuously communicates with her to give her the look she desires.

7. Great team


Her team comprises of talented make-up artists who are trained by Maram herself and perform to the best of their abilities. Known to be extremely helpful they all make sure that the client gets what she desires.

8. Clients are full of praise for her.


In this day, where we are all very fussy about make up many clients who have gone to Maram are full of praise for her. Maram says “ I ask brides to come with an open mind, suggesting what would suit them best and eventually building on what she wants” Most of their clients have recommended her to others for bridal and party make up.

We at Brides&You highly recommend you to try their party and signature make up packages for the upcoming bridal season.

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