Why Brides Should Go For Arammish for Bridal Packages- They Work on Inner Beauty Glow

Posted on September 13, 2016 by Editorial Team Bridesandyou

The word Arammish derives from ‘araam’ meaning relaxation and that’s exactly what Lahore’s most beloved spa and salon stands for. It opened in 2008 in a small room at the owner’s house but within a span of a few years, business flourished remarkably. Not because competition was scarce in the market but due to the outstanding quality of services.

Today, Arammish has expanded into two branches, opened up an eatery and more plans for expansion are underway. Majority of its success and popularity can be attributed to the exceptional spa services but in recent months, their bridal makeup and hair services have caught significant attention.

In a city like Lahore where bridal makeup packages from leading makeup artists are soaring as high as 1 Lakh Rupees for just one day, Arammish starts at a mere Rs35,000.

“I do not feel right charging clients such exorbitant prices for makeup that I know will wash away after a few hours,” said Amna Humayun, the owner of Arammish. She insisted that this is not an ‘elite’ phenomenon and has kept price range affordable for everyone. “Our packages are very flexible and we even tailor make them if a person cannot afford to pay a certain amount.”


On pre-booking, the salon gives a 20-25% discount, offers group discounts for wedding parties and if the bride avails a package for both baraat and walima, prices are further slashed down.

Their head signature artist is Fari who learnt the tricks of the trade and honed her skills under Amna’s supervision. Fari also has years of work experience working under renowned make up artists and salons. Rachel is heading hair and the duo so far has remarkably created hundreds of versatile, creative and beautiful bridal looks.

The salon uses a mix of make-up brands including Mac, Bobbi Brown, Neco, Two Faced, Shiseido, Benefit as well as local TV sticks and more. Brides are offered free consultation with Amna prior to the wedding and their signature brides, the ones that choose the Rs35,000 bridal package, are provided with a separate room with refreshments and a personal butler. The whole experience is one of exotic pampering. “For a bride it is a very stressful period. Many are even nervous wrecks and we try our level best to provide them with a satisfying service.”

No bride leaves without free touch-ups and small giveaways. Amna realizes that makeup starts to dull soon and often the bride gets ready in the afternoon while the function doesn’t start until late. Hence, lipstick shades, shimmer etc are provided to them in small to-go boxes.


Arammish has also introduced a new service in their signature makeup package that comes free of cost with it- a mini shoot. A photographer is present for the bride to do a small shoot, if she wishes to avail it.

Their main aim is to provide an experience that is personalized, exclusive and gives a special feel. Especially when it comes to bridal makeup, emotions run high and it is in the hands of the make up artist and salon to create the desired look as well as support the nervous bride.

However, looking good on the big day requires consistent effort by the bride to work on her inner glow.  As a trained yogi and the first in Lahore to introduce authentic Ayurveda treatments, Amna stresses on the importance of working on whole-body healing.

“It is not about the final day, we want to work with the brides for three months before marriage so we are able to make them look as beautiful as they should. Skin is something that needs so much work and we want to balance the energies within the body,” said Amna, who herself is very much into eating and living healthy.

From ubtan to scrubs, facials to hair treatments, colour treatments and more, tailor made bridal packages are offered to work on a bride’s inner and outer wellbeing. “We work on enhancing a lot of emotions- we work on the inner layers not just the surface layers.”

A highly recommended key skin treatment is their Aroma Therapy facial that is personalised according to skin type. Essential oils that are extracted from various plants (E.g. Tea Tree oil) are used and geared towards preventing and curing health problems like pain and anxiety, hair loss, eczema, acne and more.


Apart from the bridal makeup and treatments, Arammish is also the first salon that will be coming out with an entire range of organic products based on holistic health. Products will include soap bars, essential oils, gels, makeup, whitening creams and more. This product range will be free of all chemicals and is produced from recipes, secrets and age-old Ayurveda traditions.

“We’re also working on homeopathy and these products incorporate mind, body and soul wellness,” explained Amna. “They will especially enhance hair growth and specialise in skin.”

We at Brides & You wish Amna and her entire team of Arammish all the best.

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