Hottest Picks Of The Quarter – These Sweet, Savoury and Spicy Delights Are a Must Try

As each quarter passes by, talented entrepreneurs and new brands make their appearance with unique ideas, products, concepts, services and much more. Team Brides & You was on the lookout and here’s what made it to our Hottest Picks list:

Rina’s Kitchenette:

2-Rina's Kitchenette

Long known for its delicious cakes and dessert items, the owner finally ventured into the restaurant business and created immense hype with its launch. The eatery is definitely the ‘it’ place to visit nowadays and every dish on the menu needs to be tasted. From the salads to the mozzarella sticks, cold sandwiches to succulent, juicy beef burgers and delicious new desserts- nothing disappoints. Our favourites include The Cheese Burger, Baked Chicken Pot, Banoffee Pie and Panna Cotta. The presentation of the burger is unique with a big knife thrust right inside the middle of it, accompanied with tangy sauces.

Located in a small area in commercial Y-block DHA, the only downside of the eatery is the long waiting periods. Since the seating area hardly accommodates more than 20-25 people, it is always full. We are hoping they either expand or the rush quiets down.

Prime Edibles:

3-Prime Edibles

The first luxury dessert bar in Lahore opened its doors in February this year. It is a multi-brand store offering desserts from 10 different home-based bakers. The three partners- Khadija, Muniba and Amir wanted to provide a wide variety of desserts from different bakers under one roof and they have done just that. The customers have a wide selection to choose from at extremely affordable prices starting from Rs 150. Their specialty is the cookie dough cheesecake. Other hot sellers include Belgium Lindt, Cadbury Totre, Banoffee pie and Panna Cotta.

Located in Y block it is creating waves in the Lahore circuit for its divine taste and yummy desserts!

Happy ending desserts:

4-Happy ending desserts

We have some great news for our readers, there is a new sugar heaven in town.  The three owners have launched a dine-in dessert bar offering a variety of ice creams, shakes and desserts at affordable prices of upto Rs 250. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Their lava cake is on our radar- extremely soft and fresh with a creamy, gooey and intense chocolate filling that will make you go into a state of bliss after just one bite. This dessert will surely make you warm and enhance your taste buds. The chef’s recommendation is the skillet brownie and death by chocolate shake. Launched just a month and a half ago, the dessert bar also offers live baking and accommodates around 30 people in the shop.

Located in Bank Square, Model Town it is definitely a must-try!



It is the latest entrant in Lahore to take all your gift packaging woes away. The art of giving is glorified when it is complemented by a creative way of gifting and an attractive packaging. The aim is to design gift baskets, goodies, special giveaway boxes, customized announcement cards and styling bouquets in such a unique way that they add value to the whole gift and make it memorable. They recently made a box of “Ferero Plant” that has caught our attention. Starting from Rs 3800 it can go up to Rs 20,000, depending on the design and material used in the gift basket. They are an expert at presenting the simplest items in the most extravagant way. Customers can buy the goodies themselves or even order through them specifying the brand they want in the basket. Lahoris, your customized gift packaging is just a call away!



One of Karachi’s most popular eatery opened doors in Lahore, this June. TAO offers a contemporary Pan-Asian cuisine with the use of various cooking techniques like grilling, steaming, pan- frying, all to be enjoyed with the light starters, freshly made salads and comforting soups. The menu offers the customers a shareable portion from the Sushi selection to classic dishes drawn from Malay, Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisines. Served with refreshing mocktails and ending with delectable desserts this restaurant offers a complete meal.

Located just off M.M. Alam road, near Spice Bazaar the restaurant provides seating capacity for more than 150 people.

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