Made in Heaven: Aamina Sheikh amp; Mohib Mirza’s Romantic Tale


Aamina Sheikh is a sensational and acclaimed actress, model and L’Oréal Pakistan’s Spokesperson. She shares some interesting facts of her life with her husband Mohib Mirza who is also an actor.

When did you get married?

Our wedding ceremony lasted from April 30 to 2nd May 2005.

Was your marriage an arranged one or not?

We fell in love and got our families involved, thus it was a love-arranged marriage.

How and where did you meet?

We met at Geo TV, Karachi. I was newly onboard a show as a director which Mohib was hosting.

What made you two decide that you were perfect for each other?

When we withstood each other on bad days, we realized we were made for each other.

One thing you remember about your wedding day?

Every little thing! It was such a memorable occasion that we cannot forget any part of it.

One thing you wish you could have added to the ceremony:

A dance floor and well-rehearsed skits for further entertainment would have been perfect.

What was the wedding night gift for the bride?

A beautifully decorated, cozy room loaded with a pile of gifts.

Where did you have your honeymoon? Who decided on the place and why?

We decided not to go off on a honeymoon and save up for a greater good instead. It was very much a mutual decision.

What was the one perfect moment of your honeymoon?

It was good to be at home and sit together, enjoying each other’s company.

What was the most embarrassing moment during your honeymoon?

I cannot reveal it yet.


A favourite activity that the two of you enjoyed on your honeymoon?

Getting acquainted with each other’s newly discovered habits. It was a lot of fun getting to know each other better.

What was the most shocking thing about him/her which you discovered on the honeymoon?

It has been six years since we got married and we are both still waiting for anything that might shock us about the other person, but there is no such thing.

Who gives in first when you fight?

We take turns. It’s a relationship based on equality.

What is your song?

‘Kabhi Khwaab Main Kabhi Khayal Main’ . It’s a  ghazal by Dilraj Kaur & Talat Aziz.

The first movie you saw as a couple? How did you like it?

Neither of us can remember. We used to watch two movies every night in those days of us being a newly wed couple!


The one relative or friend of your spouse whose company you enjoy the most, and why?

Mohib: Rehan Sheikh and Sophia Sheikh (Aamina’s brother & Bhabi). They are genuine, friendly and we usually have a lot to talk about.

Aamina: Farheen Mirza (Mohib’s sister). She’s a gem of a person and we connect very well.

Favourite activity as a couple now?

Our favourite activity these days is unwinding after a hard day at work, and watching a movie together with loads of snacks!

Which was the best time of your life? Before marriage? Afterwards? Still waiting? Or other?

The best time of our life began after marriage for both of us. We have been having a ball of a time and our love continues to grow!

Any special memories incidents you would like to share?

Aamina: On October 29, 2009, we were at the International Filmmakers Awards Festival in Kent, UK.  Mohib was nominated for Best Actor for a foreign film titled ‘Insha Allah’. We were very excited and thrilled to be there. The hosts were about to announce the winner of his category, we both looked at each other nervously, crossed our fingers, prayed and seconds later heard ‘Mohib Mirza’ was announced as the winner. There was a roar around us. Instead of instantly running up to collect his award, Mohib turned to me and handed me a thin, long, slick black case and asked me to open it. I did and it was a necklace with a star pendant, which had ‘Aamina’, engraved across it. He handed it to me, smiled and walked up the stage to collect his ‘Best Actor’ Award. I was floored, teary eyed and extremely proud of him. It is a very precious moment and a memory we both cherish.


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