Diva ni Showcases Rare Artistry to Create Unique Bespoke Bridals amp; Formals


We have all grown up watching Bollywood heroines adorned in gorgeous ensembles, swaying to the beats of music and with it, creating visually enchanting scenes that most women dream of being in themselves. There is no doubt, no dearth of designers or big fashion retail houses in Pakistan that create exquisitely detailed and traditional outfits but very few that hold a candle to the kind of dresses actresses wear on Bollywood sets.

But for those who have always dreamed of these fairy tale silhouettes which ooze royalty, Diva’ni is a treat for us Pakistani Bollywood lovers. The brand was launched in Delhi in 2013 and after an overwhelming response, the fashion powerhouse decided to come to Pakistan this summer.


With a huge store located on MM Alam road, Diva’ni caters to women of all age groups providing everything from bridal couture to luxury pret. A wide range of colorful and intricately detailed saris, anarkalis, lehenga saris, pants, jumpsuits and more, line the visually appealing racks.


What distinguishes Diva’ni from other designers and fashion houses in Pakistan is mainly the cross-border affiliation the brand has, but it also stands out in its design philosophy and aesthetics. The clothes ooze class, femininity and downright royal looks. They are truly ultimate dream clothes that swivel and sparkle on the runway and off it.


Diva’ni with its launch in Pakistan has provided a base for both nations to connect through similar cultures, traditions and heritage. As the brand Director, Sanya Dhir says “India and Pakistan share a legacy, traditions, culture and fashion. The idea is to bring the boundaries close and its people even closer.”


Diva’ni’ showcases traditional craftsmanship and rare artistry to create unique designs in bespoke bridals and luxury formals. Very few stick to dying traditional hand crafts as machine work has become common, readily available, cost effective and easy to use but the brand’s signature looks is achieved through its traditional crafts. A true artisan’s hard work is intricately woven in the details of an outfit.


Inspired by the eternal love and romance of the Indian cinema, the clothes are all that you need this wedding season to turn heads around. We at Brides&You wish them luck in Pakistan and also for all their future endeavors.


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