Majestic Bridals by Humza Rasool Chaudary


“Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life,” stated Humza Rasool Chaudary, quoting the saying he truly believes and lives by.

The desire to design has always been of great importance in Humza’s life and since the age of 19, he worked on a career that has become a leading brand in the Pakistani fashion industry. Coming from a line of highly educated professionals, his career choice was not only different from his family’s but one that is still frowned upon in the society especially for a man. However, his remarkable talent and support from his family and friends helped him pursue his true passion.

From Aitchison College he went on to Pakistan Institute of Fashion design to further hone his skills and quickly set up shop. He has been in the industry for over a decade now and his way of branding, creating and exhibiting has always been unique. Hamza believes in quality over quantity and even though market trends for designers have tremendously changed, Humza sticks to what he does best- regal bridals!

“I know there is a heavy demand of pret, lawn and semi-formals and the profit margins are also very high but I love working on bridals.”

His bridals have a certain kind of majestic aura attached to them, deeply inspired by the Mughal era. The work is all haute couture and he prefers traditional stitches. None of it is machine embroidery and that is what gives his bridals such a fine look. The designer is renowned for working with the colour ‘red’ to perfection. While pastels and shades of neutrals have taken the industry by storm, Humza’s love for traditional red remains.

“I love our rich culture and history and prefer old-school looks. A red bridal always looks classic but if the client wants something different, I try and find a way to infuse the colour somewhere in the outfit.”

For fabric, Humza uses anything that looks good and fits into his imagination. Well combined, the designer creates iconic pieces fusing a variety of materials ranging from nets, jamawars, kimkhab, tissue and more. A minimum of 12 to 14 different fabrics are used in his bridal outfits.

What makes Humza stand out is his keen ability to customize, develop a good working relationship and deliver satisfying results. He takes pride in his work and after consultation with the bride, he sketches the outfit with meticulous detail. His standard price for a bridal outfit starts from USD $3000.

His dedication, design philosophy and creativity has earned him great recognition and we at Brides & You highly recommend the designer for bridal wear if one is looking for a royal and traditional look.

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